Top 5 Common Chatbot Mistakes Business Must Avoid


Chatbots have a lot of business applications, and businesses can’t engage with customers without it

Chatbots have been a trending technology in businesses over the years. These bots help organizations expand their reach and interact with a large and advanced number of users. Chatbots are being used in almost every business function ranging from customer service, sales, and marketing to tech support and human resources. They are also being utilized for online ordering, product suggestions, news reading, personal finance assistance, meeting scheduling, and more.

Chatbots are underpinned by artificial intelligence and one can interact or ask queries naturally. However, these AI-powered bots have some pitfalls and challenges to be considered.

Here are the top 5 common mistakes businesses make with chatbot technology.


Using Chatbots Without a Robust Strategy

The major mistake most organizations make is to invest in chatbots without having a robust and right strategy in place. Don’t forget, chatbots are used for a lot of marketing-purposes. They can even help turn your visiting customers into loyal consumers. If you don’t put effort into setting business objectives and the purpose for using chatbots, it will cost you more in the end. So, it’s better to define a strategy and set a clear plan that can fulfill your targets for your clients.


Not Considering the Use of Chatbots

There is no wonder that chatbots can handle customers in a better way than human agents do. They are even available 24/7 and addressing customers’ queries more accurately and naturally. Chatbots can interpret written and spoken text, and understand its meaning. So, it is essential to define which tasks are suited to chatbots and which are best for humans.


Not Disclosing Bot’s Capabilities

Most of the time when we engage with a brand, we don’t aware that the other end of the interaction is a human. What if there is a bot answering customers’ queries and customers ask the things that the bot is not programmed to do? That can be frustrating for customers. Thus, to avoid this, you need to first clear to your customers that the other end of the interaction is a human or bot. You also must introduce your bot and provide user guidance in some sentences.


Making Your Bot Pushy

Chatbots significantly boost customer engagement. But some bots can make a decent attempt for users to engage with your brand, and you might accidentally deluge your customers with vacant or impulsive messages. This may be counterproductive for your brand promotions in the long-run, or may even cause the customers to uninstall your application or leave your site. In this regard, your chatbot must be designed in a way that weighs a customer’s response and communicates only when required.


Not Making Improvements in Service Over Time

Undeniably, technology is continuously advancing and getting smarter. The same goes for chatbots as these are supported by AI. As AI is constantly advancing, you need to look back at some of the significant examples of chatbot fails to comprehend how far the technology has come. You must tweak your offering over time corresponding to user feedback and technology advancements. It is significant to make improvements in your chatbot service time-to-time as it is a constant cycle of improvement.

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