Let’s Explore Some of The Latest Chatbots Trends In 2021



A chatbot is an AI-based software that can recreate a discussion with a client in universal language via

  • Messaging apps
  • Websites
  • Intelligent applications or
  • Using the Smartphone

Chatbot Inclinations That Will Become an Invention In 2020

Talking about 2020, it will bring a progression of chatbot patterns that won’t just make them smarter and increasingly fun. Besides present new open doors for organizations to transform this purported innovation into a business revolution?

Let’s have a look at some of the most innovative chatbot trends of 2018-19


The ascent of digital currencies, like, bitcoin had been transient in 2020, and this is going to impact the innovation landscape in 2020. Blockchain originally concocted for bitcoin has now caught the attention of tech companies because of its potential uses in this digital era.

Chatbot advancement companies have already started adopting this innovation. For instance, Kik launched its very own crypto-token named Kinfolk.

Ted Livingston, organizer and Chief of Kik interactive stated that “We’re one bit nearer to starting Kinfolk and integrating it into Kik, which will be the first mainstream adoption of digital money. Kinfolk will fuel new encounters in communications, information, and trade within Kik. It will also fill in as a base for another decentralized biological system of digital administrations. It helps in bringing a fair and sustainable plan of action to the market.”

One more chatbot company named Sensay started making use of blockchain for its Ethereum-dependent application token, SENSE. This token allowed clients to earn rewards for their commitments across Sensay and different applications.

As we moved further in 2020, we will see a more extensive implementation of digital forms of money to

  • Enhance the current chatbots
  • Move towards super-intelligence
Voice Interfaces

The chatbot publicity was at its peak in 2017. Clients wanted to depend on and communicate with a human-like bot to find solutions to

  • Their basic questions
  • Complete some basic tasks

In any case, great content based conversations don’t legitimize the accommodation that chatbots guarantee. Content conversations are not all that natural to humans. Also, as a general rule, the material doesn’t pass on the unique situation, feelings, and direness of the conversation as compared with discourse.

Enter voice assistants, which make use of natural language processing to understand and react to client inquiries.

Voice assistants have taken a physical structure as Amazon and Google came up with smart speakers by launching Alexa and Google Home. This year, voice-based chatbots will be the new toy for companies to engage with their clients utilizing discourse. It is more natural and intuitive to use.

Messaging As A Platform (MAAP)

Mark Zuckerberg stated that messaging platforms are one of only a handful couple of things that individuals do more than social systems administration. Individuals will, in general, adhere to a couple of messaging applications that they use regularly.

Brands need to create chatbots for those apps to reach their clients. Messaging as a Platform will be the term that you will hear a ton in 2020. Today, messaging platforms have turned out to be pervasive.

Chatbots make total sense for firms to stretch out their essence to applications where their clients already are. This year, you will see messaging applications develop as a platform where

  • Interaction, trade, and online activities will for the most part happen
  • Chatbots will take you a bit nearer to your clients
Personality Of Chatbot

In a universe of conversational interfaces, nature is the new client experience. Your chatbot’s character can be a central factor of whether clients will get a kick out of the chance to interact with it or will it be only one more bot in the sea. The personality of the chatbot covers:

  • How relevant it is, on the off chance that it understands the client’s specific situation
  • If it has a fascinating conversational content

If you don’t invest the energy crafting that character and motivation carefully,

  • You risk individuals anticipating motives
  • Personality traits
  • Different qualities onto your App and brand that you may not want to get associated with them

In 2020, chatbot designers will concentrate more on the language and persona of the bot. It also focuses on how to give them the ability to direct a conversation from hi to farewell.

Deep Learning & Artificial Intelligence

AI is improving, slowly and carefully; yet, we haven’t yet found many chatbots that are smart enough to pass the Turing test. In spite of this, AI and deep learning have been advancing at a gigantic pace. We are at such an extent that we can imagine a future where

  • Chatbots will be just like humans
  • Chatbots turn out to be progressively human

Clients are bound to associate with them on an emotional dimension, in this way engaging with the brands.

AI can create capabilities that can allow chatbots to run thousands of algorithms in real-time. It helps them set a tweaked marketing strategy to change over each prospect personally. In the coming years, artificial intelligence will no more remain a “sounds amazing” feature on the chatbot agenda.


Some of the most famous instance of smart Chatbots

Salesforce Einstein

Even though this is a stage for building AI chatbots inside the Salesforce suite, this certainly merits notice. It enables clients to manufacture customized chatbot.

It also offers business bits of knowledge through data investigation. They do this through the dependable Salesforce cloud. Moreover, clients can assemble a run of the mill chatbot that draws in with network individuals to give the actual substance at the ideal time.


Stanford clinicians and AI specialists create it. WoeBot is an all-day, everyday psychological wellness chatbot that represents considerable authority in intellectual conduct treatment.

WoeBot tracks a client’s state of mind and discovers designs in the reactions to share data about the client. The chatbot is modified to educate the client that it’s anything but a substitute for expert help.

It can conceivably be a useful type of treatment, all using Facebook Courier. Even though it recognizes that it’s anything but a human, WoeBot gives human-like reactions.


Ridesharing turned out to be significantly less demanding once Lyft presented a chatbot that enables you to ask for a ride through voice or chat. The chatbot gives you driver details and rides areas. In Slack, you can even use a cut order to ask for a ride, giving you a chance to drive from work to home without hauling out a mobile app.



Chatbots are one of those advances that have the power and intend to alter how we live and how organizations work. The normal man can avail of a superior way of life and organizations can concentrate on gaining better profits for their ventures with AI chatbots dealing with different perspectives.

As we’ve seen, with the touchy development of informing applications, 2020 will see organizations thinking “texting first.”  With chatbot play developing to convey custom substance through

  • Texting
  • Voice
  • Web or application

These also including highlights like investigation and live talk. They’re always set to show signs of change in how organizations consider client connection.


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