Top 10 Open-Source Projects that Will Build Your AI Career in 2022

Open-source projects

Open-source projects This article looks at 10 open-source projects that are remaking your AI career

Artificial intelligence technologies are quickly transforming almost every sphere of our lives. AI companies are growing exponentially across the world. Open-source projects are in high demand in these AI companies to help in training models with algorithms and sufficient relevant data. The use of AI applications is continuously expanding, and tech enthusiasts must stay up with this fast-changing sector, especially with open-source AI projects, to deploy AI-driven projects successfully. Tech professionals are turning to online training, continuing education courses, and full on advanced degrees in Artificial Intelligence to stay on top of this ever growing field. This article looks at 10 open-source projects that are remaking your AI career.

TensorFlow: TensorFlow is an open-source machine learning framework that is easy to use and deploy across a variety of platforms. TensorFlow is now widely used by several companies.  It has a comprehensive ecosystem of tools, and libraries, and pushes the state-of-the-art while deploying machine learning-based applications.

DALL-E: DALL-E is machine learning model developed by OpenAI to generate digital images from natural language descriptions. DALL-E was revealed by OpenAI. It uses a version of GPT-3 modified to generate images. This user can now immediately sign up and use the image generator service.

PyTorch: PyTorch is one of the best AI software with multiple features and capabilities as an open-source artificial intelligence and machine learning framework in AI companies. PyTorch employs dynamic computing, which provides greater flexibility in creating complicated networks. PyTorch improves the optimization of AI models.

Robocode: Robocode is a programming game, where the goal is to develop a robot battle tank to battle against other tanks in Java. It’s a fun pastime and may even be useful for testing new strategies for autonomous vehicles.

YOLOv7: YoLov7 is a real-time object detector currently revolutionizing the computer vision industry with its incredible features. The official YOLOv7 provides unbelievable speed and accuracy compared to its previous versions. Yolov7 weights are trained using Microsoft’s COCO dataset, and no pre-trained weights are used.

FauxPilot: Programmers that need a bit of coding help can get it from FauxPilot. This project was inspired by GitHub Copilot, but FauxPilot lets you select the repositories you use for training. The system trains itself on existing production code and learns enough from it to make structured comments and suggestions.

MindsDB: MindsDB is an open-source AI layer for existing databases that allows you to effortlessly develop, train and deploy state-of-the-art machine learning models using SQL queries. It is a fast and efficient way to speed up your machine learning workflows.

DeepFaceLab: DeepFaceLab is a graphic and design utility that enables you to efficiently swap faces on any image or video. It is open-source deepfake technology that runs on Python. More than 95% of deep fake videos are created with DeepFaceLab.

PaddleNLP: PaddleNLP is an easy-to-use and powerful NLP library with an awesome pre-trained model zoo, supporting a wide range of NLP tasks from research to industrial applications.

DeepPavlov: DeepPavlov makes it easy for beginners and experts to create dialogue systems. It is an open-source projects framework for chatbots and virtual assistant development. It has comprehensive and flexible tools that let developers and NLP researchers create production-ready conversational skills and complex multi-skill conversational assistants.


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