AI And Online Betting – Can AI Beat The Casinos

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online gaming

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is developing faster than anybody could have anticipated. There are many scientific and recreational uses for this technology, and AI is capable of handling far more computations than any human ever could. But how does it fare in a casino?

For the most part, casino games are designed to be entirely based on luck, not skill. As such, AI is not capable of beating a casino because however skillful it may be, it cannot beat the house any better than a human does. The odds for an AI are just as much as anybody’s—they are random.


Games That AI Has The Potential To Win

Poker and Black Jack are the only two casino games that technically require some skill to master. In poker, experts theorize that winning is dependent on around 5% skill, leaving the rest to luck. An AI has been shown to be capable of winning a poker game against a human player in the past, but professional poker players are better than any computer.

Black Jack, on the other hand, is a game of counting numbers. Some people even try to count numbers when playing the game in India casinos online. Naturally, an AI can do the counting much faster and much more accurately. However, it’s also worth noting that casinos are aware of this as a probability and have placed counter-measures to ensure that the house always wins.


Why AI Can’t Beat The House

We’ve all heard that saying—“The house always wins.” But what does it mean? Casino games (almost every one of them) have been designed to always allow the player to feel like they are winning but to ultimately give more money to the house. In other words, the games are rigged in favor of the casino.

No matter how powerful an AI is, it will not be able to win against a casino because the casino has an equally powerful AI on its side. Also, casino games are based on luck. That means that there is a significant part of the calculation that a player AI cannot predict regardless of any type of collected data or analysis. As such, an AI has the exact same probability of winning as any other player.


What Is A Random Number Generator

To understand how luck is programmed into a casino game, you should know they all include a part of the code called a Random Number Generator. Different games add this piece of code in different places, and might use it multiple times.

Basically, a random number generator is the part of the game that cannot be predicted because it is (by definition) completely random.

For example, if a dealer were to manually deal cards at a poker game, they first must shuffle the cards. This shuffling is what randomizes the cards in a deck. When done manually, there are certain patterns that a dealer might follow that can be predicted if enough data is collected. However, nowadays all shuffling (virtual or in real life) is done using a computer.

As such, all shuffling is dependent on an entirely random number. A random number generator is the programming that allows for this randomization to take place.


How AI And Casinos Are Connected

Despite the hopes that many gamblers have for using AI to improve their winnings, it simply cannot be done consistently. However, AI plays a huge role in how a casino runs because it is used in a wide variety of applications—whether online or in a brick-and-mortar store.

For example, casinos use AI to analyze behavioral patterns in players. The AI might decide to give the player more winnings temporarily to keep them spending more money. It may also spot people counting cards. Even though the practice is legal, casino owners discourage it.



At the end of the day, an AI is highly unlikely to beat the casino. The games are designed to keep players entertained while increasing the profits of the casino owners—and they work. An AI cannot predict outcomes that are based on a random number generator. So, an AI’s wins depend entirely on luck, just like everyone else on the casino floor.