Top 10 Best Machine Learning Companies In The World You Must Know

These machine learning companies are lending the AI and ML world

Machine learning companies

Machine learning companies

Machine Learning (ML) is a new concept that is booming in today’s tech world. It is done by finding the pattern in data, the performance of the solution will depend on the data that is being fed to the models. Let’s learn about the top best machine learning companies and how they are using AI and ML to come up with solutions that are innovative at the same time helpful too.


1 InData Labs 

Location: Cyprus (Headquarters)

InData Labs is an AI Business Partner with its own R&D center which is an expert in AI & Data Science, Computer Vision & OCR, Big Data and Predictive Analysis, Machine Learning & Deep Learning and NLP. This is one of the top machine learning companies that started to provide its services from 2014. The company also provides its services in Belarus, USA, and Singapore too. 


2 Indium Software 

Location: USA, UK, Singapore 

Indium Software is another machine learning service provider that enables companies to gain a competitive edge with perks such as customer lifetime value prediction, spam detection and maintenance. It provides advanced machine learning consulting solutions which use tools like Python, R, TensorFlow, Keras, and Alteryx. This one of the machine learning companies was founded in 1999.


3 MobiDev 

Location: Georgia, US 

MobiDev is a software development company which is set up by a small group of passionate engineers and business managers. This is one of the top machine learning companies that has clients from across more than 20 countries. It specializes in delivering custom software development services to enterprises and startups. The company was set up in 2009. 


4 Fayrix 

Location: Herzliya, Israel

Fayrix offers most flexible services ranging from renting a single specific developer to building a complete offshore development center. It is one of the top machine learning companies that provides varied machine learning solutions such as HR analytics, warehouse optimization, and fraud detection. This ML and AI based company was founded in 2005.


5 Netguru 

Location: Poznan, Poland

Netguru develops custom software that can work handy with various domains like Learning languages, Banking, and also Renting bikes. The platform also offers consulting services for software solutions creation, product development and product design. This is one of the top machine learning companies that was set up in 2008. 


6 iTechArt Group 

Location: New York, US

iTechArt is very interesting to know about as it can work with VC-backed startups and tech companies to lend hand in development of custom software. This also delivers unlimited access to skills such as QA, DevOps, Big Data and Web Mobile. This is among the top machine learning companies in proving ML and AI solutions. It was established in 2002. 


7 DogTown Media

Location: California, US 

This is a mobile app development company that works with machine learning and AI for developing iPad, iPhone and Android apps. It is an expert in providing machine learning services that can make apps efficient, smarter and accurate. The company was established in 2011. 


8 Xicom Technologies 

Location: California, US 

Xicom Technologies is ISO 9001 certified software development company that helps Startups, SMEs and Enterprise businesses with services such as Mobile app development, Web development, IT consulting and Software development. Xicom has more than 1500 clients worldwide. This machine learning company was founded in 2001. 


9 Altoros 

Location: California, US 

Altoros AI solutions help businesses with boring tasks. Altoros has 5 global offices. With 18years of experience has completed 1400 projects. It has skills to deploy a network to cloud providers, AWS, IBM, Microsoft Azure, Oracle, GCP and Alibaba. This is one of the top machine learning companies that was founded in 2001. 


10 Neoteric 


Neoteric delivers solutions for machine learning , NLP, and predictive models. Neoteric AI solutions that can help you handle data efficiently. It can provide solutions for various industries. It was founded in 2005. 


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