Top 10 AI Influencers You Should Definitely Follow in 2021

These AI Influencers on social media can help you stay updated

AI influencers

AI influencers

With advancing technology, artificial intelligence has been booming like never before. With increasing demand for AI, people are turning towards top AI influencers to stay updated and to know their views on the emerging trends. We have listed out top AI social media influencers that you all need to know and follow in 2021. Each of these AI leaders has deep insights that can help you and your business with artificial intelligence. Let’s know about them in this article.


1 Andy Fitze 

Andy is one of the top AI influencers on social media networking sites such as LinkedIn and Twitter. He is the Co-Founder and CIO of Swiss Cognitive which is the global AI hub. Andy is also the President of the Swiss IT Leadership Forum. He is a digital enterprise leader who is transforming business strategies taking to account the interests of customers, employees and shareholders. So, Andy tops the list of AI social media influencers who need to be definitely followed to know more about AI news and thoughts.


2 Maria Luciana Axente 

Maria Luciana Axente is among the top AI influencers as she is very active on LinkedIn and Twitter. She is also responsible for AI and AI for good at PwC UK. Maria leads the implementation of ethics in AI for the firm on three-level at an organization, products and at an individual level partnering along with industry, governments, NGO, civil society and academia. This makes her one of the prominent AI social media influencers.


3 Nazareen Ebrahim 

Nazareen Ebrahim is the CEO and Founder and also an AI ethics officer at Socially Acceptable in South Africa. She is also the Founder and CEO of Naz Consulting where she provides face-to-face training along with mentoring the entrepreneurs. Nazarene makes it to the list of top AI influencers for her expertise in the field. Follow her for more insights on Ethical AI, Responsible Data Science and Machine Learning


4  Shailendra Kumar

Shailendra has over 26 years of working with Software Vendors, Corporates, and Consulting Companies. He established and led many data science businesses to generate revenue and drive incremental growth by creating many Artificial Intelligence solutions across diverse sectors. He has a great experience in the fields of artificial intelligence, analytics, data science and machine learning sectors. Shailendra with about 120K followers on social media becomes one of the most popular AI influencers. If you are an AI enthusiast then you should definitely follow him on LinkedIn and Twitter for more updates.


5 Dr. Ganapati Pulipaka 

Dr. Ganapathi Pulipaka is well known AI influencers on social media. He has been ranked 5th among the Data Science Influencers for 2018 by Onalytica and also ranked 4th as the Machine Learning influencers for January 2018 by KCore Analytics. Ganapati is the Chief AI HPC Scientist at Accenture and is also the author of best selling books too. So you should definitely follow him on LinkedIn and Twitter for more updates as one of the top AI influencers. 


6 Katie King 

Katie is another well known AI influencers on social media. She is a CEO of AI in Business and also a member of the UK Government All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) task force for the enterprise adoption of AI. She has also authored books in the Artificial Intelligence sector. If you want to know more updates or views on the current trends you should definitely follow one of the AI social media influencers on LinkedIn and Twitter. 


7 Utpal Chakraborty

Utpal Chakraborthy is the Head of Artificial Intelligence at YES BANK and also a well recognised speaker, researcher, writer on AI and IoT. He is also a TEDx speaker and a co-author of, ‘Artificial Intelligence and the Fourth Industrial Revolution’ and author of ‘Artificial Intelligence for all’. He is active on LinkedIn and Twitter so go and follow this one of the AI influencers soon.


8 Alvin Foo 

Alvin is the Co-Founder of DAOventures which is a decentralized finance asset manager. Alvin is one of the AI influencers on social media who posts about robotics, AI and issues related to technology. For more updates follow these AI influencers on social media.


9 Imtiaz Adam 

Imtiaz Adam is an artificial intelligence and strategy executive and data scientist. He is an expert in strategy and digital transformation with his prime focus on ROI. He is among the top AI influencers to be followed on social media for his expertise in FinTech, Healthcare, Marketing and Security. 


10 Dr. Anastassia Lauterbach 

Dr. Anastassia Lauterbach is a tech strategist with great expertise in the high tech ecosystem. She is also an author for a leading book called ‘The Artificial Intelligence Imperative’. She inspires and motivates people to solve problems and facilitate rapid decision-making. Anastassia is one of the AI influencers to be followed on social media networking sites such as LinkedIn and Twitter. 


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