“The Scariest” after “The Funniest”: AI-generated Images Are Crashing the Internet


AIThe AI system is trained on millions of real images to respond to user queries

The Artificial Intelligence system is trained on millions of real images, which helps them understand the patterns to respond to user queries. The scariest image, it pulled together nightmarish images to deliver the final result. Those images are what nightmares are made of. The AI created several similar images of a monster-like creature that’s the stuff of nightmares.

The images have been created by Craiyon AI, formerly known as the DALL-E mini AI image generator. DALL-E mini image generator started going viral after the internet discovered its ability to create funny and disturbing images. It delivers images based on prompts. an AI has managed to create the “scariest thing on Earth” – and it’s just the kind of thing that sticks in your memory. DALL-E mini has since changed its name to Craiyon and is in the process of redirecting users to its new website.


AI-generated images are crashing:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has created images of the scariest thing on Earth while responding to queries from users. These images are also shared on TikTok, unavailable in India, and other social media platforms. Popular TikTok accounts like Robot Overlords have asked AI to predict futuristic events, including the demise of humanity and the apocalypse. AI is basing its creations on information humans have given it.

The AI trawls throw unfiltered data from the internet to inform its masterpieces. Not too long ago, an AI created depictions of what humans would look like right before the end of the world. It is in no way predicting the future no matter how many TikTok accounts claim it is. It has also created scary image compositions based on a person’s name.

Its website offers a text box where users can type the kind of images they are looking for and Craiyon AI will create the image based on that. What Craiyon AI put together looks like a mash-up of all mainstream horror films and series, like It and Stranger Things. Since going viral, social media has been full of examples of people asking the Craiyon AI some pretty intense questions.

These systems are trained on millions of real images, which the AI goes through to understand the patterns and uses to respond to user queries. The faces on Craiyon AI are blurred and messy, and the team behind it is working to fix the issue. The AI is notoriously bad at creating images of human faces and the Craiyon team is working to make its depictions more accurate.