Now you can Own a Piece of Your Favorite Game through NFTs


NFTsHere’s How Blokhaus founder, NFTs take in-game ownership to a new level

Nonfungible tokens (NFTs) have taken over the gaming world. Digital assets have given in-game ownership a new meaning, whether through limited edition collectibles, avatar enhancement, or play-to-earn incentivization. The methods by which NFTs are made available to players are becoming more tangible. In the case of Blockxer, Blokhaus Inc.’s latest blockchain game, every component of the game has been NFT-ized and is available for user modification. Blokhaus Inc. founder Mark Soares told Cointelegraph that by making every aspect of the game an NFT, users can create entirely “bespoke” game experiences. There is an NFT everywhere a user turns in this 8-bit, arcade-inspired game, from the background and characters to the weapons and more.

NFTs enable users to gain access to fully modular, community-driven in-game experiences in which they own all of the pieces. Soares compares the customization of NFT games, such as Blockxer, to 90s mixtapes, claiming that it gives players the “power of game creation.” According to Soares, the design of Blockxer is quite simple, harkening back to pixelated arcade games from the 1990s. It focuses on crypto-meme culture and features characters such as a zombie doge. Soares stated that just because the game design is simple doesn’t mean the NFT utilities have to be. Indeed, he stated that oversimplifying NFTs is a problem in the blockchain gaming industry.

This is just the beginning of NFT integration into the gaming world. MyMetaverse and Enjin Games have recently begun integrating NFTs into popular game servers such as Minecraft and Grand Theft Auto 5. Other gaming behemoths, such as SEGA Games, have recently expressed interest in blockchain gaming and its features. You can now earn Satoshis, or tiny fractions of Bitcoin, by playing Solitaire, Snake, and even Counter-Strike (BTC).aBitcoin-based play-to-earn (P2E) company, and Zebedee, a gaming platform that will Transform gaming with the power of Bitcoin. Instant microtransactions of Sats can be paid out to gamers worldwide thanks to the Lightning Network (LN), a layer-2 payment solution built on top of Bitcoin. “This genuinely fills a need in gaming,” said Ben Cousens, chief strategy officer at Zebedee.

For popular games like Counter-Strike: Go, Zebedee supports Bitcoin and LN. They advocate for casual gaming and the creation of welcoming environments that can “bring people into Bitcoin in a way that surprises them,” according to Cousens. The rollout of popular, casual gaming types is also about onboarding people into Bitcoin for THNDR, which released a Solitaire-style mobile game on Monday. They actively target both emerging market gamers and female audiences. During a call with Cointelegraph, Desiree Dickerson, CEO and co-founder of Thndr Games, shared some statistics: “Sixty percent of all women worldwide play games, and 60% of these women play mobile games every day.” Furthermore, the gaming industry is larger than the film industry: Around “2.6 billion people worldwide play games,” with mobile gaming being the most popular. “It accounts for 60% of the total gaming market, and it’s only growing,” Dickerson explained.