Now NFT has Reached the Zoo: Inventing Carbon Negative Blockchains


NFTAlgorand: The World’s largest blockchain NFT project launched by World famous, Australia Zoo

NFT stands for non-fungible token. It’s generally built using the same kind of programming as cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin or Ethereum. These cryptographic assets are based on blockchain technology and have unique identification codes and metadata that set them apart from each other. To protect wildlife and their habitat, World famous, Australia Zoo has unveiled an NFT venture. Specifically, the project will be hosted on the carbon-negative Algorand blockchain. It’s set to launch on June 14, with prices starting at USD 36.13 with the Warrior Crocs token.


Algorand: the new Wildlife Warriors project:

Recently, the Australian green NFT startup Meadow Labs partnered with the home of the Crocodile Hunter, Australia Zoo on the Wildlife Warriors NFT drop. The collaboration led to creating the unique NFT collection with a theme of Australian wildlife to do their part in raising awareness and money to protect the invaluable wildlife and their habitats. The Wildlife Warriors NFT drop celebrates the 20th anniversary of the wildlife conservation organization of the same name founded by Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter.

Their Wildlife Warriors project is a milestone for entering the abundant world of meaningful digital art on the Algorand blockchain. At Australia Zoo, they are constantly looking for innovative methods to assist our Wildlife Warriors vision continues to grow and thrive. The net-zero blockchain offers transaction fees of 0.01. But, these gas and transaction fees convert to carbon offsets. The great thing about those fees is that they convert to carbon offsets.

In partnership with Meadow Labs, an Australian-based technology startup focused on creating the world’s most meaningful digital collecting experiences by activating ubiquitous brands within the NFT arena, the rare NFT project will comprise a series of drops, each focusing on a different Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors animal. This initial run will consist of 2,000 NFTs that resemble members of the Irwin family in some way, all of which are guaranteed to be “non-deterministic, utility-driven, and 100 percent unique to the buyer.

Co-founder and CEO of Meadow Labs, Martin Kelly says, the first thing that came to mind was Australia Zoo. Everyone around the world has fond memories of growing up with the Crocodile Hunter. Especially our team at Meadow Labs, with most of us based in Australia. This desire heavily informed what organization they would partner up with for this project since ideally, it would highlight the world’s first carbon-negative blockchain: Algorand. He further stated that Creating an ‘NFT for good’ campaign is simply the start of a long relationship to ensure that we all live in a sustainable environment.

This green chain and new technology allow us a new avenue to continue to fight for the protection of our wildlife and wild places. While these NFT purchases may go a long way towards getting Australia Zoo more much-needed funding, the team behind the Wildlife Warriors NFTs has some surprises in store for holders. For investors wanting to know more about the Wildlife Warriors NFT project, visit