Next Generation Games: Top Uses of Automation in the Gaming Industry

Uses of automation in the gaming industry

Uses of automation in the gaming industry

Automation is vital for next-generation video games. Here’s the list of top uses of automation in the gaming industry.

Automation is a tool used by developers. With video games becoming larger and more detailed, automation is the only way that games can be developed quickly enough. Check out the article listing the top uses of automation in the gaming industry. 

AI technology is making the next generation of video games a reality. In our lives, automation is having an increasingly transformative effect. Automation is having an increasingly transformative effect on our lives, from robotic process automation in the workplace to AI assistants in our phones to automated driving features in our cars. It’s no surprise, then, that automation technology is set to also leave its mark on the next-generation video game consoles. For game design though, automation, at least in its present form, is a tool to be used by developers, rather than something that will replace them. With video games becoming larger and more detailed, automation is the only way that games can be developed quickly enough. This article lists the top uses of automation in the gaming industry


Quality Assurance and Testing

The most time-consuming and repetitive element in the production of video games is quality assurance and testing. Publishers employ hundreds of people to test every single element of a video game to ensure it behaves as intended and to find bugs. Without stringent testing, games can crash on players, creating frustration and even resentment that can negatively affect the commercial success of the game. Driv3r for PlayStation 2 was widely criticized for this, and at the time downloadable patches were not available, making the game unplayable. Automation in software testing has been common for some years, helping to speed up the production of apps and computer software. For video games, though, the testing process is a lot more complicated, so automated testing wasn’t possible.


Test Automation Infrastructure

A solid infrastructure for automated tests to be placed onto should be included in the production costs – but this point needs extra attention. It is a starting point and essential condition to be able to adjust test code to the changes in a game build/functionality/features set, etc. The system should be bulletproof to get integrated with game development.



Reusability is one of the main advantages of test automation scripts, but there is a thing about the gaming industry that makes it a little more complicated. Unlike other software products, each game is built on new code. That is why game test automation requires a particular approach. Such as providing functions that hide the game code details from the automated tests to maximize test reusability.


Cost of production

Hiring new developers to write scripts and other test utilities implies significant initial investment even though it will pay off eventually. Additionally, automated test scripts are like any other code; they may come with their own set of bugs (if written by non-QA pros).


The Human Factor

Test automation does not eliminate the need for human testers. At the end of the day, some tests cannot be automated (like ad hoc or playtesting. for example). However, it will leave more time for the manual assessment of the playability, balance, and other issues.



Automation Scale

The more aspects of testing the dev studio intend to automate, the more factors they have to take into account. First of all, it inevitably brings a fundamental shift in the way the company operates. Secondly, it is a long-term investment that will not pay off immediately. Finally, automation is not just simply purchasing a magic tool and throwing it into the development mix. Automation needs persistence.

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