Let that Sink in Says the Comedy Master Elon Musk!



Here’s How Elon Musk denies plans to cut 75% of the Twitter workforce

Elon Musk, who is reportedly on track to complete his purchase of Twitter this week, does not intend to reduce the social media company’s workforce by 75%. But that doesn’t mean there won’t be significant pain at Facebook after Musk pays $44 billion in the highly publicized deal.

Musk denied in person to Twitter employees a report of a 75% planned layoff. Musk arrived at Twitter headquarters in San Francisco, carrying a sink, and even tweeted a video of his arrival.

“Meeting a lot of interesting people on Twitter today!” ” Musk wrote on Twitter. Why is there a sink? Musk was referring to “let that sink in,” a cliche on the social media platform used when someone believes they’ve tweeted something profound or disturbing. We would have gone with “overpaying for Twitter cost me everything and the kitchen sink,” but we aren’t comedians like Mr. Musk.

Musk will almost certainly fire some Twitter employees, but many are expected to leave on their own. Musk, who had two children with one of his employees and allegedly exposed his erect penis to another, is a known overbearing boss who will likely demand that all employees show up at work in person, despite many businesses shifting to more accommodating at-home policies and hybrid work schedules since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. “Remote work is no longer acceptable,” Musk said in a memo to Tesla employees that were leaked to the press in March of this year. According to the billionaire oligarch, anyone who wants to work from home should “pretend to work somewhere else.” According to text messages released in a court filing after Twitter sued Musk when he tried to back out of the deal, one of Musk’s friends, tech investor Jason Calacanis, made the observation earlier this year that you could get people to quit if you mandated working in person at the office. The obvious problem with that management style is that the people most likely to leave are the most talented and capable of quickly finding work elsewhere. The text messages also show Musk offering Calacanis a job if the Twitter deal was completed.

Musk is expected to complete the Twitter transaction very soon. But there’s no word on when layoffs will take place, let alone when that guy will be allowed back on the platform in the name of free speech. You’ve seen it before. That’s not it. The opposite. Not that guy, but the other guy. They’re all coming back, I’m sorry.