How to Make Your Business Stand Out At a Trade Show

Trade shows

Trade showsTrade shows present a worthwhile opportunity for business owners to expand their reach and show future customers what they have to offer. They’re often significant community events well-supported by businesses and individuals and see hundreds or thousands of attendees. 

As valuable as trade shows can be, not all business owners get as much out of them as they hope to. If you need a helping hand making sure your business stands out and benefits at an upcoming trade show, take note of the following tips. 


Invest in Your Display

It’s not always enough to have good products. You also have to have a display that stands out from the crowd. Invest in Econo tents that provide shelter and shade while still showing off your business branding, and don’t be afraid to think outside the square with how you set up your display. 

For example, you might decide to go be bold and purchase more than one space to set up your tent, or you might even have a large display product out the front of your booth that captures people’s attention and lures them in for a closer look. 


Don’t Wait Until the Trade Show to Stand Out

Many business owners make the mistake of only trying to market their wares once they set up their stand. However, you might be able to garner some interest long before the big day by creating digital marketing campaigns

Make it known that you’ll be at the trade show by creating social media ads, paid Google ads, and email newsletters. The more people that know you’re there, the more interest your stall might receive. 


Prioritize Interaction and Engagement

You might assume that all you have to do is sit in a chair in your tent and people will come, but that’s not always enough. Prioritize interaction and engagement by having a display, competition, or interactive product that people can try and participate in as they pass by. 

You might also like to consider bringing a staff member to the show with you so that one person can focus on interaction and entertainment, and the other can take care of inquiries and sales. 


Think Outside the Box With Merchandise

Most business owners understand that trade show attendees like receiving free items. Something as small as a free pen or tote bag can be appreciated. However, your business might be able to stand out more than others by investing in unique merchandise that stays visible in a crowd. 

Giant tote bags, large blow-up toys, and oversized balloons are just a few of the many fun and unique options you might like to include in your trade show budget


Choose Your Booth Location Wisely

While not all trade show organizers will let you choose your booth location, some do. If you’re allowed to select your own, be strategic. Consider booking your booth close to the entrance at a corner or cross junction and near vital sites like restrooms and eateries. You might even find that being next to sponsor tents and big brands brings more traffic to your site. 

It’s not always easy making your business stall stand out in a sea of others, but it’s possible. Take note of this advice above, and you might have a surprising amount of success when you make your next trade show appearance.


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