Funding and Investments Report: Top Latest AI-Based Startups Funding

With the market volatility reduced, top AI-based startups funding is listed here.



Artificial intelligence (AI) continues to redefine how technology is applied to modern use by mankind. From recruitment resume screening to the complex Quantum Computing applications, AI has come a long way in causing an optimistic change. Sensing the huge disruption AI is capable of making, funding in the AI sector has climbed steadily and impressively over the past decade. This article lists the top 10 funding in AI-based startups



Total Amount Raised: US$1.5B 

Investors: SV Angel and GGV Capital 

Affirm is a futuristic fintech company that offers loans to customers at the point of sale. The company aims to revolutionize the banking industry to be more accountable and accessible to consumers. Affirm has partnered with over 2,000 merchants including familiar brands across travel, personal fitness, electronics, apparel and beauty, and more to give shoppers a wide range of options. When the customers check out, they can get a loan facility from the company. 



Total Amount Raised: US$127.5M 

Investors: General Catalyst and Square Peg Capital 

Aidoc is a health tech company that innovates to serve physicians’ needs and to create a measured impact on the imaging workflow. Founded in 2016, the company supports and enhances the impact of radiologist diagnostic power by helping physicians expedite patient treatment and improve the quality of care. To leverage the perfect solution, Aidoc’s leadership team has worked together on operation Artificial Intelligence with the unprecedented healthcare market in mind.



Total Amount Raised: US$35.3M 

Investors: Bose Ventures and Arboretum Ventures 

Aira provides tech-enabled services for over 300 million visually impaired people around the globe. The company is aiming to deliver instant access to visual information from anyone, anytime, and anywhere. Aira’s assistive services blend wearable technology, artificial intelligence, and augmented reality to empower a network of trained, professional agents to remotely assist people who are blind or have low vision. 



Total Amount Raised: US$123.1M

Investors: OurCrowd and M12 – Microsoft’s Venture Fund 

Airobotics is an automated drone platform that develops pilotless drone solutions and offers an end-to-end, fully automated platform for collecting aerial data and gaining valuable insights. The industry-grade platform is available on-site and on-demand, enabling industrial facilities to access premium aerial data in a faster, safer, and more efficient way. With a merger of aerospace hardware design, robust electronic systems, and leading software engineers, Airobotics is leveraging sophisticated commercial drone operations.



Total Amount Raised: US$74.5M in funding 

Investors: World Innovation Lab and Norwest Venture Partners 

Aisera is an AI services company providing an AI-driven solution to change the daily routines of employees and customers. Aisera aims to help users with greater self-service by automating common to complex actions, tasks, and workflow. This enables users to focus on high-value work, while those requesting help can resolve their issues with self-service resolutions. The company recently announced that it would be partnering with Microsoft to deliver next-generation AI service desk solutions to automate requests.



Total Amount Raised: US$92M 

Investors: MESH and Accel

DeepMap provides the world’s best high-definition mapping solutions and delivers the technology necessary for self-driving vehicles to navigate in a complex and unpredictable environment. Their estimated annual revenue is currently US$19.4M per year. The company recently announced RoadMemory, a highly scalable and economical mapping service, enabling hands-off driving everywhere.


Element AI 

Total Amount Raised: US$257.5M 

Investors: Government Of Quebec and DCVC 

Element AI is an AI solutions provider to organizations that need access to cutting-edge technologies for efficient workflow. The researchers are focused on pursuing AI research areas such as computer vision, NLP, and machine learning for testing prototypes in robotics and human-computer interaction. It helps to build an AI-first world to increase the collective wisdom about major disruptive technologies. Element AI is on a mission to harness AI for making it accessible to enterprises to work smarter within a short period.



Total Amount Raised: US$6.1M 

Investors: Brian McNamara and Accomplice 

Instreamatic’s platform offers tools to serve, manage, measure, and monetize digital audio ads programmatically as well as permits users to speak with ads skip irrelevant ads, and drive curiosity to learn in a hands-free environment, enabling clients to learn and predict consumer intents when they engage with voice ads. They are using natural language understanding (NLU) for training Voice AI Core. All user commands are heard and understood by constantly enhancing the ad experience and ad relevance by leveraging AI and voice data.



Total Amount Raised: US$17.3M 

Investors: Blu Venture Investors and Keshif Ventures 

MixMode is a purpose-built platform to detect threats and anomalies across any data Stream with the world’s most powerful cyber AI. MixMode’s platform is powered by its patented self-supervised AI, which includes contextual reasoning to explain why threats are highlighted for investigation. This AI is unique in requiring no rules, no intel feeds, and no historical training data to operate, avoiding the bias and blindspots that impact legacy systems. MixMode AI is capable of high-speed consumption of numerous big data feeds for processing in real-time and is the only DARPA-defined Third Wave AI in Cybersecurity.



Total Amount Raised: US$2.6B 

Investors: Hermitage Capital and Hermitage Capital 

SenseTime is also known as SenseTime Group Ltd is a unicorn artificial intelligence startup headquartered in Beijing China that focuses on innovative computer vision and deep learning technologies. SenseTime develops face recognition technology that can be applied to payment and picture analysis, which could be used, for instance, on bank card verification and security systems.