Elon Musk Hopes the Servers Don’t Melt After the Changes Made!



Elon Musk claims that Twitter usage is at an all-time high and hopes that servers do not melt.

Elon Musk, the new Twitter CEO, claims that it is not just him who is using Twitter the most right now. Musk has always been active on Twitter, but now that he is the CEO of Twitter, he has become even more so. More so than in the past. Musk claims in one of his most recent tweets that Twitter users are using the platform more than ever before. He claimed that Twitter usage has reached an all-time high. In one of his most recent tweets, he said, “Twitter usage is at an all-time high lol.” Musk fears the servers will melt because the usage appears so high. “I’m hoping the servers don’t melt!” he exclaimed. Musk has made a few changes since taking over Twitter, the most significant of which was laying off half of the company’s employees with no notice. Musk is said to have fired half of the workforce, or around 3700 people. The Indian team has been asked to leave almost entirely.

According to a recent report, Twitter fired 90% of its employees in India. There were 200 Twitter employees in India in total, and after the recent layoffs, only about 20-24 remain. Only a few dozen of the 200 employees employed by Twitter India are still working there. Communications, marketing, and partner relations are almost entirely gone. Furthermore, approximately 70% of the engineering teams based in India have been asked to leave. Surprisingly, shortly after Twitter laid off 50% of its workforce, the company asked some employees to return.

The company fired those employees “by mistake.” Twitter, or its new CEO Musk, hasn’t said much about laying off employees and returning. The company is “reaching out to dozens of employees who have lost their jobs and inviting them to return.” In response to the mass layoffs, Musk stated that the staff reduction was necessary because Twitter is losing money every day. “Twitter’s workforce reduction is unavoidable when the company is losing over $4 million per day.” “Everyone who left was offered three months of severance pay, which is 50% more than what is legally required,” he said in a tweet.