AI-Powered Content Marketing: Top Uses of AI in Content Marketing

AI is a very real force in marketing. Check out the top uses of AI in content marketing



No matter what content you write or what stories your brand tells, there’s a good chance artificial intelligence (AI) can help you do it better. Despite the hype you hear, AI is a very real force in marketing. And it’s changing the way brands create and distribute content. An advanced intelligent machine system reads and writes human language. Every time it reads or every time it writes, it learns a little more about how to improve then it adjusts accordingly. On that note, this article lists the top use of AI in content marketing


Identify keyword intent

Since its inception, Google’s algorithm, also known as RankBrain, has been paying close attention to what people want when they search. Over the years, the algorithm has gotten smarter in analyzing and predicting what users want. This makes it important to create content that focuses on user intent.


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AI-powered intent analysis ups your content game as it helps you offer content that appeals to the user’s intention, thereby improving your online ranking. Machine learning, a subset of AI, allows systems to learn from data and make data-driven decisions and predictions. It can spot patterns and user behavior,  helping marketers understand the visitor intent and identify the right keywords for their business. AI-based tools for content creation like BrightEdge, Concurred, and MarketMuse can help marketers discover search intent, conduct topic research, and allow audience-specific content creation.


Create Hyper-Personalized and Targeted Content

Offering personalized content to their audience has always been the topmost priority for content marketers. This is because personalization is a hot trend in the content world. Personally-relevant content positively influences how customers feel about a brand. No wonder, offering tailored and targeted content is one of the top priorities for creatives today.


Personalized Content Benefits

The recent advancements in AI have made content personalization feasible and quick. Machine learning helps marketers track consumer behavior, preferences, and their interaction with content, allowing them to focus on personalized engagement with customers. Tools like OneSpot, Granify, CaliberMind, and Personyze use machine learning to offer relevant content experiences that boost engagement and conversions.


Offers Topic Inspiration

Most content marketers start a blog for their business, yet struggle to consistently find relevant topics to engage their audiences. According to The State of Content Marketing Survey shared by Zazzle Media, 60 percent of businesses struggle to produce content consistently and 65 percent find it a challenge to produce engaging content.

Finding interesting topics for your business blog is another area where AI can help. AI uses predictive analytics to predict customer reactions and sentiments towards a specific topic. It also performs competitive research to see whether the topic is worth pursuing and will offer the best ROI.


Predictive Analysis 

Predictive analytics is a powerful tool that uses data mining (historical data patterns and trends), statistics, and modeling to predict future outcomes. When paired with AI, it can help businesses identify their potential audience and predict their responses. For instance, Marketo by Adobe is one such tool that crawls your site and recommends content based on your assets, such as videos, white papers, case studies, and blog posts. It leverages user data, namely content consumption, profiles, and behavioral patterns to understand what content works best for your audience, thus helping them through their customer journey.


Content Automation

Content marketers are increasingly finding it tough to keep up with the unquenchable demand for content. Consequently, most marketers in the fields of e-commerce, finance, insurance, and publishing are turning to AI solutions to scale their content creation.

Natural language generation (NLG), a branch of AI, is the recent buzz in the content industry. This AI-based content tool offers real-time content suggestions, allowing marketers to create targeted and personalized content. Here are a few other ways in which NLG is helping content creators.


Content Strategy Research and Development

Consistently researching and generating engaging, relevant, and insightful content can be difficult and time-consuming. While researching the top trends is beneficial, it takes almost the same amount of time writing does. Fortunately, as mentioned above, AI helps content marketers create content that is relevant to their target audience at each buying stage of the marketing funnel. With AI, content marketers can focus more of their attention on writing the context, rather than spending time researching and analyzing.


Custom Feed Algorithms

With the advancement of technology, marketers can track and analyze what users are interested in. This then allows content strategists to generate news, articles, blogs, and other forms of content that users are more likely to interact and engage with.

For instance, social media has created such a presence in the digital world. Upon analyzing data, marketers can generate social media posts that are relevant to what consumers are searching for, such as products or services.