AI Funding in India: Top Funding in the Artificial Intelligence Market in India

AI Funding in India

AI Funding in IndiaIndia is among the top 10 nations in the world in terms of technological advancements and funding in the artificial intelligence market

While India is outside the top 10 in terms of commercial and research initiatives, it ranks sixth in terms of spending and investments on AI made by the public, governmental initiatives, as well as private institutes and organizations. According to the latest research Indian AI, start-ups have raised about US$836.3 million in 2020, it is the largest funding outlay in the past seven years at a year-to-year growth of about 9.7%. India’s AI ecosystem is witnessing explosive growth with a lot of inventive AI start-ups in 2022 entering the space. Here we present the list of top funding in the artificial intelligence market in India.  


Latest Deal Amount: US$9.4M

Wysa is a Bengaluru-based AI start-up that has come up with an AI-powered chatbot that employs evidence-based cognitive-behavioral techniques to make the user feel heard. This is one of the top Indian AI start-ups in 2021 that have raised its funding and have also powered more than 100 million conversations. And the interesting part is that this start-up is a part of the Google assistant investment program too.


Myelin Foundry

Latest Deal Amount: US$2M

Myelin Foundry is a deep tech product AI start-up that was launched in 2019. It is a Bengaluru-based start-up that aids in changing industry outcomes by building and designing artificial intelligence algorithms on voice, video, and sensor data. The solutions of the company include the Myelin edge AI platform, edge AI to make decisions and actions, video and sensor data, and providing real-time analytics and insights. This is one of the best Indian AI start-ups that has raised funding in 2021.


Ziptrax Cleantech

Latest Deal Amount: US$20K

Ziptrax is a Delhi-based start-up that uses an AI-based engine and IoT-enabled hardware that can make lithium batteries that can last up to 40 percent longer. The company developed a digital platform to collect all the used batteries and put them through rigorous quality checks and tests. After which it employs machine learning algorithms to regroup cells and use AI to repurpose the discarded lithium batteries.

Latest Deal Amount: US$20.3M

The start-up works on a mission to use AI to make healthcare more affordable and accessible to all. For which the AI start-up takes the help of deep learning with scientific, clinical, and regulatory knowledge to handle real-life situations. is a Mumbai-based start-up that analyzes abnormalities on CT scans, X-rays, and MRIs. It is one of the Indian AI start-ups in 2021 that raised the bar for its funding and its products are also powered by AWS, Azure, NVIDIA, and Intel.



Latest Deal Amount: US$39M

LogiNext is an automation and transportation start-up that uses AI for managing the tracks and workforce in real-time. It has offices in Singapore, UAE, and Indonesia. This is one of the Indian AI start-ups in 2021 that has higher funding and operates in more than 50 countries now. It serves services like Myntra, McDonald’s, and also Decathlon.


Ishitva Robotic Systems

Latest Deal Amount: US$1M

The start-up is headquartered in Ahmedabad and designs waste sorting plants and solutions using Industry 4.0 technologies using AI, ML, and IoT. The solutions of the company include NETRA (Machine Vision System), YUTA (AI-powered robotic sorting), SUKA (AI-powered Air sorting), and IoT-enabled smart bins. It is one of the top Indian AI start-ups that has raised the bar high in terms of funding.

Latest Deal Amount: US$78.15M was previously known as Yellow Messenger. The AI start-up offers an omnichannel conversational AI tool to automate customer experiences for enterprises. It is one of the top Indian AI start-ups that has raised the bar high in terms of funding. When we take a look at the start-ups’ chat and voice-based bots, there are nearly 100+ languages that are available across nearly 35+ channels.


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