AI Changing Lives in Diverse Ways

AI paving ways for Geospatial technologies and Location Intelligence



With technology and science evolving day by day, artificial intelligence has transformed into major technology that has been increasingly used in medicine, healthcare, geospatial technologies, business solutions, and other industries. Cloud computing and other high-performance computing AI have been boosted to even more great heights.  

Artificial intelligence is the most commonly used term that includes applications such as self-driving cars, self-piloted planes, personalized search mechanics, cloud servers and to name many. Most of the top tech firms such as Microsoft, Google, Canon, Samsung, and Panasonic, use AI to enhance their services better in some or other way. 

Since AI is booming, the funding for AI is also rapidly increasing. This is because of the advances in machine learning and other hardware and software devices. AI replaces the tasks that humans could do by cutting the manual efforts in a cost-effective manner. Let’s see how AI can make a difference in our lives. 

The most emerging trend in AI is location intelligence. The Location Intelligence software is capable of extracting information from geospatial data that layers other pieces of information that can be referred back to the maps. The geographical information tools are widely used to identify the best conditions and locations for new or starting a business. Geospatial technologies contribute to geomatics that includes land surveying, global navigation satellite systems, and remote sensing cartography.  This can help in analyzing and automating cartography.    

Earlier photo editing was a very complicated process, but AI technologies have made it easier with new and simpler photo editing software that can make the users work faster than before. Few tools can help users restore and color old photographs, remove any spots on the photographs with just a click.  The latest successful implementation of AI is the Google Brain team that allows users to resize pictures from lower definition to best quality images. 

Artificial intelligence has slowly started to lend its support in the areas of medicine such as for diagnostic, preventive, and treatment purposes. Medicine is a field where artificial intelligence can help medical professionals to great extent in managing patients, treating them, and helping them in the recovery process. Several high-tech technologies with the help of Artificial Intelligence are being developed to monitor and track every aspect of human health. 

AI and ML can make the decision-making process easier in organizations. This can also improve the customer experience through personalized solutions to problems that users face. Deep learning can also contribute greatly to online shopping by delivering more precise recommendations. 

AI can be beneficial in all firms. It acts as a bridge between information technology, economics, and psychology. Organizations should look into Artificial Intelligence and realize its full potential and how it can add to their businesses.