10 Amazing reasons to consider Royal Enfield as your next bike

Royal Enfield

Royal Enfield

Every motorcycle enthusiast you ask will have Royal Enfield on their dream bike list. This bike is a dream come true for those who are looking for a sturdy and iconic piece of machine. There has been much debate regarding this bike and whether or not it is a sensible purchase. Here are some awesome reasons why you should consider this as your next bike.


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  1. Stability – The weight of this bike is around 200 kgs, which is enough to keep this bike grounded well on the roads. It is extremely stable and does not sway on highways and roads. This stability is a boon when you are looking for a bike for long distances.
  2. High power – This bike may look bulky but is extremely powerful. It is driven by a 350 CC engine and is a reliable companion on upward slopes and sharp turns in the mountains. This engine generates a power of 20.21 PS at 6100 rpm. This kind of power is great for long rides or city roads too.
  3. Great for long distances – Every aspect of this bike is suitable for a long-distance journey. This bike can overcome uneven roads, uphill rides, and long stretches of highways and is incredibly safe on wet and slippery roads too. Apart from this, the aesthetic design of the seats and the comfortable cushion density makes them great for longer rides.


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  1. Easily available maintenance network – This bike has been around for a very long time, and every mechanic in every corner of the city is familiar with this bike. That being said, taking your bike to an authorised service centre is advisable to ensure they have the original parts and service your bike properly. Just like every spare part, Royal Enfield bike insurance is easy to find and buy. You can go online and compare quotes to see the best one. Insurance is the surest way to ensure your bike is always safe and you are safe from any financial burdens.
  2. Proven designs – This iconic bike was first launched in the year 1901. It has been perfected, and it has been over a century since this bike continues to be a favourite worldwide. This proven design has not been changed for a long time. Only the newer technology is applied, but the basic design has not undergone any major changes. It has been proven time and again that the design works well.
  3. Great road presence – You do not need to turn around to realise that a Royal Enfield is on the road. This bike has a very formidable road presence and attracts attention regardless of its surroundings. It is known for its classic vintage looks and has an old-world charm that no superbike can replicate.


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  1. Superior ride quality – The ride quality of this bike is a big plus point that riders love. Starting with the rider’s posture to the support for the back because of the amazing seats, it is as comfortable as you can get on a bike for a journey. The shock absorbers are sound; if you maintain the bike well, it can last well beyond a decade. The pillion rider has the luxury of a comfortable seat and can be just as comfortable as the rider. Everything from the handle grips to the wheel’s width is meant to improve the riding experience.
  2. Suitable for everyone – This bike is suitable for every kind of person. It is a classic bike that looks good with a younger enthusiast and a veteran. This bike is heavy, and if you can manage the weight well, you can enjoy it thoroughly.
  3. Classic looks – The mirrors, the colours, the chrome fittings, and the classic angles are the pure definition of a retro bike. Bike lovers will always appreciate the evergreen style and colours. Depending on what is authorised in the service centres, you can even get customisations done.


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  1. Resale value – A Royal Enfield has one of the highest resale values in the market. Even if you have bought this bike for about 1.3 lakhs, you can expect 1 lakh back after 3 years if it has been maintained properly, depending on the number of kilometres run. One of the most important things that you can do to ensure the resale value stays up is to ensure timely servicing and immediate repair of any damage to the bike. This helps in maintaining the value and keeping the bike in good shape.

Royal Enfield is a great companion for years to come, and you can enjoy this bike by adhering to the proper laws. One of the mandatory requirements as per the law is to have third party bike insurance. If you are looking for a well-rounded, robust plan to ensure your bike stays top-notch. It covers the third party liabilities in case of an accident.

Along with that, comprehensive insurance ensures you are covered in case of fire, natural disasters, riots, and many other elements. One of the other plus points is that you can buy add-ons and make your policy better. Comprehensive bike insurance is the best way to go if you want the best for your bike.

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