Yossi Vardi: Safeguarding Automotive Customers Against Threats with Multi-Layer Cybersecurity Solutions


The exploitation of emerging technologies and the advancements in the automotive industry, specifically in connected and autonomous vehicles, increase concerns of potential cyberattacks. Autonomous vehicles, in general, operate with a combination of state-of-the-art sensors and innovative algorithms to detect and respond to their surroundings. These multifaceted systems provide self-driving cars the data and intellect they need in order to make decisions autonomously. But these functions also create opportunities for malicious actors or hackers to exploit evolving technologies.

Furthermore, improved connectivity alongside autonomous driving capabilities pose a substantial threat to the vast socioeconomic benefits promised by connected and autonomous vehicles. Keeping this in mind, a number of companies offer cybersecurity tools and software for large consumers and vehicle manufacturers to safeguard automobile software and the data that assists vehicles to learn significant driver navigation preferences, such as optimal routes and addresses.

SafeRide Technologies is the provider of vSentry™, the industry-leading multi-layer cybersecurity solution for connected and autonomous vehicles. The company’s solutions help customers secure their fleets from the ever-growing cyber threats, prevent financial and reputation loss, and save lives.

An Experienced Business Leader

Yossi Vardi is the CEO and Co-Founder of SafeRide. He founded the company in 2016 with Hilik Stein who also serves at SafeRide’s CTO. For over 22 years, Yossi has been a successful sales, marketing, and business executive in multiple high-tech industries. He is an accomplished global market leader who developed major growth of numerous international businesses.

Delivering High-Tech, AI-Driven Security Solutions

Cyber threats are increasing rapidly as the number of connected vehicles grows. However, most vulnerabilities are unknown until an attack takes place. Conventional security measures cannot advance and deploy quickly enough to handle the growing number of threats, leaving OEMs, fleets and customers susceptible to zero-day attacks, which cause detrimental, financial, and safety risks. SafeRide’s solutions combine state-of-the-art deterministic security with groundbreaking AI profiling and anomaly detection technology that provides future proof security against both known and unknown threats.

Creating Business Impact with Strategic Alliances 

Yossi has years of experience working with enterprise-grade and cutting-edge cybersecurity products worldwide. With his proven relationship building skills, he has managed to negotiate numerous multi-year OEM/partnering/strategic alliance agreements with leading global vendors, key decision-makers, and market shakers around the world.

Business Excellence

SafeRide recently won the prestigious TU-Automotive Award for Best AI/Data Product for 2019. The company’s products were successfully evaluated by several renowned OEMs, including the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance and other unnamed car manufacturers and automotive suppliers. SafeRide’s technology was ultimately selected to secure an autonomous shuttle trial in Singapore, as well as another trial in France.

Empowering Customers Through Innovative Services

SafeRide’s AI technology for anomaly detection is an award-winning innovation. Its cloud deployment option is appealing to customers because it enables them to achieve a high level of security without the cost associated with hardware changes in the vehicle. Additionally, the company’s machine learning-based data optimization and compression technology enables customers to monetize on vehicle data in a cost-effective way that was previously impossible.

The Future of Cybersecurity 

As car manufacturers and fleet owners add more service-oriented applications to the car, allowing them to generate a recurring revenue stream, cyber threats will become more eminent, and the need for advanced cybersecurity solutions will grow. SafeRide’s AI technology for anomaly detection will get even more market traction, and its applications will extend beyond cybersecurity.

Leadership Advice Inspiring Young Minds

On advising to emerging business leaders, Yossi asks them to be open to ideas and to hire the right team, but also to collaborate with other companies – one cannot do everything on his own.

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