XACT: Powering Businesses’ Customer Support Dynamics with Innovative Solutions

XACT is a full-service contact center agency located in Orlando, Florida. The company offers exemplary services in inbound and outbound telephone support, email management and webchat assistance for businesses from coast-to-coast. XACT has a rich history of 20 years, providing customized and seamless call center support services for various types of companies, like hospitals and healthcare facilities, schools and colleges, hospitality and restaurant industries, manufacturers, to name just a few. The company also infuses its dedication to client satisfaction with its unmatched professionalism to help streamline business solutions allowing companies to operate within a budget. XACT’s services include live customer service and sales support, scheduling, direct response, dispatching, webchats, care calling, order processing, help desk, and more to assist the needs of growing companies.  Besides, the company offers bilingual support for seamless business operations worldwide.  

Navigating through Exceptional Success  

XACT strives to be the leading provider of customized, integrated telecommunications support services nationwide by combining innovative solutions tailored to suit each customer’s unique needs with an excellent service delivery mechanism. The company accomplishes this by empowering talented and dedicated personnel who possess the ability to perform and achieve their goals in a teamwork environment emphasizing on customer dedication, creative thinking, professionalism, and ethics. 

An Instrumental Leader 

Lynn Fick is the President of XACT. She has been with the company since its inception and has filled a variety of roles within the company, including operations, sales, and human resources.   

Her areas of responsibility include oversight of the core functions of the company. With 30 years of experience in the call center services industry, Lynn provides a broad depth of knowledge to the company.  

Meeting Market Demands via Client-First Approach 

Lynn believes that information drives market dynamics., and subsequently an organization’s communications increasingly impact its ability to grow and compete. At the same time, the pace of technological change makes it challenging for any organization to know about its needs, and how much it should adopt to the change.  XACT specialists help by identifying the potential opportunities for improvement in an organization’s communications to determine a critical path for the exploration of opportunities. Then the company’s software and telephony engineers work with its business development professionals to design and implement highly customized applications according to each customer’s unique needs and circumstances. With diverse in-house service capabilities, XACT is a one-stop-shop, offering cost-effective services, products, and implementation expertise. The company prioritizes sending specialized teams consisting of customer service, training, engineering, and management specialists’ teams who work hand-in-hand with clients to address their requirements of refining existing communications systems or putting new applications or tools in place.   

Breeding Effective Solutions with Modern Technology  

When it comes to innovation, XACT embraces new technology tools and offers a full suite of technology options for its clients. Lynn asserts that, assisting clients with both cost-effective automated and technology solutions and the best-in-class live support is the heart of each client relationship that XACT develops and supports. 

Fostering Innovation through Key Partnerships 

XACT meticulously selects its vendors and business partners who are focused on innovation. With an eye for the future and emphasis on seeking new technology relationships that drive innovation, XACT is uniquely positioned to offer clients a one-stop-shop for both internal and external communication. Lynn cites that adaptability and the willingness to integrate with the clients as well as the ability to develop customized API’s for data transmission has helped the company stay ahead of the competition curve.  

Invaluable Client Feedback 

Because of the company’s exceptional services and performance, its clientele has nothing but a galore of praises for XACT. This is what inspires the company to keep striving and coming up with enhanced and satisfactory solutions every time. Some of the testimonies of XACT’s clients are: 

“XACT provides flexible call reception services for a holiday event company. Their work includes adjusting staff to respond to dramatic call influxes and establishing a body of knowledge around types of calls.” 

“XACT delivers high-quality services that streamline internal processes and have had a positive impact. Their flexibility supplemented their professional management style. They’re open to feedback and scope changes. Expect an adaptable team of listeners.” 

“The vendor’s efforts conserved internal resources, allowing internal stakeholders to prioritize other tasks with confidence in XACT’s abilities. The team quickly addressed requests, working seven days per week. The representatives were easy to work with; they smoothly addressed any issues that arose.” 

Transforming Challenges into Opportunities  

Speaking about challenges, Lynn says that XACT is feeling the brunt of economic conditions, which has affected the nation as a whole.  

The company serves businesses, and as businesses have challenges, XACT has them too. But Lynn believes that the impacts can be a sudden influx of need or shrinkage of need that is dependent upon the economic conditions. The net result of this can be the need to hire rapidly or to redeploy the staff. 

Insight into Future Ambitions 

Lynn is confident that the future is promising for XACT as well as for the contact center industry in general. With over 15 years of experience in its 20 years journey in business, operating both facility-based operations and remote workforce, XACT is well equipped for the future. Now more than ever as business demands, due to COVID 19, it has changed the operating landscape for many industries.  

In this uncertain time, XACT is totally comfortable in managing several different environments, including the remote workforce.

To learn more about how XACT can support your business, please contact XACT at:

Phone:   877-922-8877  Xtn 1
Email:     sales@myxact.com