Wuudis: Leveraging Digitalization and Big-Data for the Benefit of Forestry  

Wuudis Wuudis is a digital platform for forest property management and monitoring, providing up-to-date forest resource data and enabling seamless data and information sharing in real-time between all forest business actors. Those actors include forest owners, contractors, timber buyers, forest management associations, authority experts of the forestry sector. For forest owners, Wuudis enables easy and remote forest management and guides them in planning the next forest activities needed to get a maximum economic benefit from timber harvest. For forest service companies and industry, the company saves costs and increases margins via easy scouting and connection between forest owners and contractors.  

For forest authority and big corporations, Wuudis provides custom apps and services to digitize their daily operations. These apps and services are integrated with forestry big data sources (e.g.: very high resolutions satellite data, UAV data, field verification data, etc.) which opens further opportunities to develop a one-stop platform to run their business. For forest management association, Wuudis provides digital tools to manage forests on behalf of their customers (forest owners). The experts of associations run their daily activities over Wuudis and also send reports to clients using features of the company’s digital platform. For society, it adds societal and environmental value via promotion of sustainable forest management practices and increased mobilization of available biomass resources for the needs of the biomass industry. 

Founder and CEO, Seppo Huurinainen was suffering from a problem of managing his 1000 hectare of forest property in an easy and profitable way. There was no specialized IT platform in the market which would enable Seppo to manage his forest property data and its operations in a digital way. This problem drove him to build his own IT platform for dynamic forest management and monitoring, and hence the company named Wuudis Solutions Oy was born. Wuudis Solutions grew the team with like-minded credible people to revolutionize the forest and biomass supply chain business through digital services. According to Seppo, his forest property works as a ‘sandbox’ to test Wuudis services. 

An Impeccable Leadership 

Seppo Huurinainen started the company in 2005 with a mission to provide a wide range of ICT solutions for forest and biomass supply chain management. He is a seasoned expert in forestry and biomass-based business operations. Apart from years of experience in forest management, Seppo has a broad academic background in GIS, IT and silviculture with 5 university-level degrees. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, he held several developments and research positions within the forest and agriculture industry, and worked for organisations such as the Finnish Forest and Park Service, Metla, the Forestry Centre, Metsäliitto, Stora Enso, and the National Board of Education.  

Redefining Forest Property Management 

Globally, the importance of forest-based industries is slightly overlooked due to many reasons. For example, many private forest owners live in cities and are not aware of the economic potential of their forest assets. The reason is the lack of specialized forest management tools and services which enable forest management right from their living room. Moreover, the traditional value chain of forestry business is dominated by big industrial players and thereby hindering the growth of small forest entrepreneurs. So, there is a need for a scalable solution, which supports the growth of the overall forest sector including private forest owners, forest entrepreneurs, contractors, forest industries, and forest authorities. To answer this need, Wuudis solutions provides its wide range of services; Wuudis Pro, Wuudis Team, Wuudis business covering the requirements from small forest entrepreneur to big forest corporation and authorities.  

Driving Value Through Business-Centric Technology Strategy   

Innovation is one of the main pillars of Wuudis Solutions growth. The company has embraced the value of big data with open arms. Its participation in various EU research and innovation projects (LogistEC, CASTLE, SLOPE, Databio and SME phase I) enables the company to form partnerships with the leading forest industries and remote sensing companies. This drives Wuudis to integrate several big-data sources and AI approaches into its services. With the integration of these new technologies, Wuudis NOE became an ecosystem platform to run forest business as a one-stop solution. Moreover, other service providers in forestry IT domain can bring their services into its platform and generate income. Through its ecosystem platform, Wuddis revolutionizes the way how Forestry business works today as every stakeholder is able to generate income from the ecosystem and a win-win situation is created for everyone in the business value-chain. 

Also, in the Forestry sector, big data and AI technologies proved to be beneficial to improve the business impacts.  

Challenging Business Environment 

Having an entrepreneur career is not easy and requires a lot of personal motivation and patience. One of the most important things is to continuously motivate the team and keep product and business development rolling even in constrained circumstances. At Wuudis Solutions, Seppo and his team are developing visionary services as sometimes they face problems with some prospective clients, who are little hesitant to implement the company’s services as they have to adopt new and improved operational practices by throwing old and conventional methods. 

Treasured Awards and Clients Testimonials 

Apart from its strong commercial operations (i.e., development and sales of Wuudis services), one thing is worth noting is Wuudis’ success rate in acquiring EU research projects. This proves the company’s capability of developing the most cutting-edge ICT solutions for forestry and biomass industry. In this direction, some achievements are successful funding injections from multiple EU research projects (LogistEC, CASTLE, SLOPE & Databio projects) and EU H2020 SME phase I, in total €1 million.

Notable awards: 

  • Green ICT winner 2011 (Tekes) and top 3 ranking in 2018 Digi Action of the Year (Atea) in Finland  
  • Second prize winner in BDVA (Big Data Value Association) success story award 2019 in Riga.BDVA is the private counterpart to the EU Commission to implement theBig Data Value PPP program 
  • Finalist in Big Data & AI Award (DatSci 2019) 
  • Wuudis concept funded by Horizon2020 SME phase 1 grant 
  • EU Commission selected Wuudis concept as an innovation with readiness to scale to international markets 

Testimonials from clients using Wuudis service:  

Kalle Karttunen, Forest owner & forest entrepreneur, “I have used the Wuudis services as forest owner and also presented its features to other forest owners. Within Wuudis service, editing pattern information and boundaries, sharing plot level information, and utilizing a diverse map and spatial data features provide new opportunities for self-managed forest management. These Wuudis features are extremely useful for my own forest management and my customer forests asset that I am managing in daily business.”  

Jaakko Temmes, Forest owner, “I have been Wuudis user throughout the period when Wuudis has been on the market. Wuudis mobile app has completely released me from paper-based practices. Unlike its competitors, Wuudis has always offered the opportunity to complete or, repair forest information either in the forest (through Wuudis app) or at the desk using the Wuudis browser interface. Wuudis has acted as a leader towards forest data digitalization. I see a lot of potential in getting the information running smoothly from one application to another and that there are plenty of applications available for the different stages of forest management and use within Wuudis service.” 

Jorma Jyrkilä, Finnish Forest Centre, “Wuudis Solutions developed the Laatumetsä (Forest work quality monitoring in English) app for Finnish forest centre. This app is the first of its kind globally, which controls forest care works quality for subsidy payment and in addition, acts as a crowd sourcing app for forest damage data collection. Wuudis is actively helping Finnish forest authority to build the mobile service infrastructure for better authority control. The users of Laatumetsä such as forest owners and contractors found the app extremely useful as the subsidy payment goes on mobile by drastically reducing the payment processing time and paper works. Moreover, the app drives forest stakeholders towards sustainable forest management.”