World’s Most Trusted Market Research and Data Analytics Companies

Cover Story : Nielsen IQ

NielsenIQ: Powering the Global Consumer Landscape with Accurate Intelligence

The rapidly changing dynamics following the onset of COVID-19 is rewriting the playbook for retailers and manufacturers around the globe. Businesses need to analyze better, decide faster, and make proactive, strategic plans rather than rudderless, reactive responses, and there is no better source for precise, accurate, consistent data than NielsenIQ, whose vibrant history and rich legacy of delivering trust and transparency has stood the test of time.

World's Most Trusted Market Research and Data Analytics Companies

Craft Driven: Delivering Versatile Market Research Solutions to Enterprises

Craft Driven provides market research and consulting services to innovation and niche companies. As many innovative companies struggle to launch their products in the market with in-depth market research specifically for the client’s products, combined with business analytics and innovation consulting, Craft Driven helps these companies to succeed in the market……..

Monalco Research:Delivering Research Firms with Superior Quality Insights Powered by Data

Monalco Research is known as a full-service research firm focused on the research needs and wants of different research firms. It has expanded its services to include online talent assessments for human resource departments- general competencies, ethics, personality, culture, sales assessments and many more…………

CSA Research: Empowering Businesses and Technological Leaders with Data-Based Market Research and Analysis

Market research and analysis help in ascertaining and understanding information about competitors such as their market network, customer focus, their identity and scale of operations. This assists in survival and certain issues, leaving behind the competition…………….

Research 8020: Innovative Quantitative and Qualitative Market Research Solutions for Businesses

For any business, market research helps to decide on the product or service. At times, a marketer or an entrepreneur may feel or believe that the new product or service is useful for the customers. But the research may show that the customers do not require that product and that they are meeting their needs ………..

Logica Research: Delivering Actionable Insights to Drive Business Growth

Logica Research excels in creating customized marketing research solutions for complex business questions. Logica® provides financial services companies, fintech companies, and growing organizations the insights they need for product development, service enhancements……..

SPER Market Research: Delivering Actionable Business Research Services to Enterprises

SPER Market Research, is one of the world’s most trusted market research, market intelligence and data analytics companies. The company is headquartered in Noida, has offices worldwide, and provides strategic & consulting services. SPER Market Research is amongst the top market research companies in India and has served over 20 industries…….

True North Market Insights: Deploying Proprietary Operating Principles to Understand Customers and Drive Value

True North Market Insights is a market research firm focused on learning, growing and testing new technologies to provide real insights. The team is full of experienced client-side researchers working on projects for clients. The real insights consist of management-ready findings by leveraging……………..


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