World’s Most Innovative Metal & Mining Technology Companies in 2022

Cover Story : Ambra Solutions

Ambra Solutions: Revolutionizing the Metal and Mining Industry with Market-Best Telecom Solutions

Ambra Solutions is a telecom engineering company and a turnkey solution provider for industrial customers. Ambra has been designing, building, and supporting robust telecom networks for more than 15 years with both open-pit and underground mines. The company is currently delivering projects in several countries including Canada, the USA, Mexico, and Chile…

World's Most Innovative Metal & Mining Technology Companies in 2022

Company of the Month: Akobo Minerals, Vital Metals Limited, Igneo

Akobo Minerals: Exuding Excellence and Re-Establishing Ethiopia’s History of Gold Exploration

While today Ethiopia is not thought of as a hotbed of gold mining, this activity has a legendary history in this East African country. Ethiopian mines have been providing gold to the ancient Egyptian empire, and possibly even to King Solomon’s Mines and the Queen of Sheba for centuries…

Vital Metals Limited: Redefining the Metal and Mining Industry with Smart Operational Services

Vital Metals Limited (VML) is a new challenger, a non-traditional mining company that has built an innovative, agile, and smart operational platform that enables the company to move at pace and take opportunities as it arises, faster than any of the competition…

Igneo Technologies: Ushering in a New Era of e-Waste with Sustainable Metal and Mining Solutions

Igneo Technologies is a global recycling company transforming low-grade electronics scrap into a high-grade and sustainable copper concentrate. It has been in operation since 2014 and is also a re-branding of Weee Metallica. However, Igneo is now growing rapidly and engaging across a broader spectrum of activities globally…

Mining Today: Ushering in a New Era of Minerals with Market-Best Expertise and Integrity

With every passing day, our demand for minerals keeps growing, and this drive is helping to accelerate the growth of minerals exploration in the state. Catering to the global needs, Mining Today is pushing the boundaries of mining landscapes by fostering friendly and productive relations with investors and exploring mineral potential across the globe…


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