World’s Most Innovative Metal & Mining Technology Companies in 2022 Vol-2

Cover Story : Angkor Resources Corp

Angkor Resources Corp: At the Forefront, Capitalizing on the Unexplored Resources of Cambodia

Angkor Resources Corp. is Cambodia’s first public North American company to undertake exploration, development, and production in the resource sector of the SE nation. The company positioned itself to seek and optimize impact-positive opportunities that will fast-track production and cash flow. The Canadian company set national platforms for ESG in the mineral sector from 2010 onward…

World's Most Innovative Metal & Mining Technology Companies in 2022 Vol-2

Company of the Month: OCP Group, Clean Air Metals

OCP Group: Powering Innovation and Redefining Sustainability with the Next-Level AgTech Solutions

OCP is the world’s largest phosphate mining company and a leading fertilizer producer. Phosphate is critical to global food security and OCP is the considerate custodian of the largest reserves worldwide. Therefore, the mission of the company is to “feed the soil to feed the planet.”…

Clean Air Metals: Redefining Sustainability in the Mining Landscape with Innovation and Green Efforts

Clean Air Metals Inc. is a Canadian-based platinum-palladium exploration and development public company (AIR: TSXV). Clean Air Metals’ flagship asset is the 100% owned, high-grade Thunder Bay North project; a platinum, palladium, nickel, and copper project near the City of Thunder Bay, Ontario. The project hosts twin deposits namely the Current deposit and the Escape deposit…


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