Workforce Housing In Remote Locations: 6 Factors To Consider

Workforce Housing

Workforce HousingWorking in remote locations means a lot for many people. Some may need to travel out of their country and leave their homes to fulfill job responsibilities in a strange new place. This is especially true for individuals in third-world countries or less developed nations who seek greener pastures abroad to give their families a more comfortable life. 

It’s highly regarded that working in a remote location can be lonely for a lot. Hence, many companies try to make it more beneficial for their employees by providing them with homes they can live comfortably in while on the job. If you’re an employer, you may need to consider these factors when creating housing for your workforce in remote work sites:


Strength And Durability

Suppose your remote location has the roughest weather elements all year round, like most mining locations. In that case, you need to ensure that the housing you provide your workers with is made of the sturdiest material so they’ll feel safe in the event of storms or hail. 

Industry experts build these kinds of structures that are approved by authorities from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and follow all the requirements needed by the industry. Man camp construction is believed to be typically found in the aviation, arctic and exploration, construction, warehouse and storage, manufacturing, and transportation industries. 


Security Of The Area

All comings and goings must be logged at the entrance of the housing facility. It’d also be better if there’s a monitoring camera present to keep track of activity so the investigation would be swift and straightforward in case something unfortunate happens.  

All employees must be briefed and oriented on the rules of the housing facility so untoward incidents can be avoided. Rules like prohibited items to bring inside the facility, presence of alcohol and illegal drugs, unnecessary noise during the night when everybody is resting after a hard day’s work, and reporting of incidents that will occur on the premises. 

The workforce housing perimeter must also be monitored regularly, and security checks must be done consistently round the clock.


Health And Safety

The location of the workforce housing needs to comply with health and safety standards, especially in the condition everybody lives in today, where everyone is susceptible to catching diseases.

Since remote workforce housing accommodates many employees, they must be given well-maintained facilities with good restrooms and sanitation areas. This is crucial because many diseases can emerge from poorly maintained sanitation units. If left unchecked, one contagious disease can plague the entire area, resulting in a delay in job completion, ridiculously high medical costs, and bad publicity that’s tough to tackle and may damage the company’s reputation entirely.


Response To Emergency And Evacuation Plans

All employees must know the evacuation plans and where to meet in case of an earthquake, fire, or other emergencies. They must also be trained with protocols following such incidents. It’d help if you regularly hold drills to ensure compliance of everyone as well. 

As an employer, you’re responsible for the entire group of people under your wings. It’s their lives on the line if anything happens that’s out of your control. That is why it’s crucial to be prepared and follow all stringent requirements, so you won’t be held accountable in any unfortunate event. 


Dining Requirements

Remote workers need adequate sustenance to be able to work efficiently. The food that’ll be served to them must be safe and hygienically prepared. You don’t want a case of food intoxication affecting an entire group of people that could cripple your operations.  

Plus, it’s great to have a dining hall in the housing facility. A dining hall will promote socialization during break times and provide an enjoyable time for most team members who might feel a bit lonely.  

A dining hall serving good, nutritional food will be an excellent benefit to your workers. It’s a worthy expense that could give you more returns than you think because a happy and well-fed team member will work harder and give more to the company. 


Internet Access

In the world you live in today, the internet is as essential as the food you eat. It has become a part of one’s fundamental human right. People need the internet to connect to others, be entertained, and be updated on what’s happening to the world. Especially for a group of people who are far from their families, they need the internet to keep their sanity. A solid and stable internet connection in your workforce housing facility is crucial. 



Keeping the people who work for you happy is a responsibility and a promise you have to live up to. They probably signed up for this because of the good things they hear and not just the money they’re about to earn. To give them a highly-secured and conducive living conditions, keep in mind the insights mentioned above.


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