Women in Tech: Shattering Glass Ceiling and Advocating Diversity

Women in Tech

Women in TechThe tech industry has been pestered by the gender gap for quite a long time now. Needless to say, discrimination in the tech industry has been a long-debated topic. There have been several initiatives and discussions held to yield productive solutions for these problems, and some companies have successfully alleviated these issues, whereas, there are several organizations in the world where female employees are considered as weaker as opposed to their male counterparts.

Based on reports, in the US, more than half of the workforce possess female employees, yet only 30% of them hold leadership positions. Hence, at this stage, it is quite crucial for tech companies to understand and categorically analyze what is necessary to accelerate a female employee’s rise through the ranks, not just because it is the right thing to do, but also because it would promote diversity and economically benefit the company. The competition to hire the most skilled workforce of the generation continues to intensify, but the added pressure to this is that women are finding it increasingly difficult to be adequately represented in the industry.

Nevertheless, women have the capability to overcome these obstacles and gain their foothold in the industry. Despite possessing diverse amounts of talents, reports yield that women are four times more likely than men to consider gender bias, which is a major obstacle to promotion. Women in the tech industry also experience an unconscious bias. In other terms, they become victims of the toxic ‘bro code’ culture that prevails in the tech landscape. Sometimes, these biases plague the hiring procedures as well. Hence, acknowledgment of these unconscious gender biases might be the first step to employing and retaining more women in tech.


The Crucial Role of Women in Tech Firms

There are several tech companies in the world that still have a lot to work on when it comes to reducing gender bias and creating a safe environment for the female employees of the company. Improving gender and other diversity issues might inspire leadership qualities and strategic focus among the employees. Leaders from all backgrounds must have the responsibility to learn about the tangible benefits of a diverse workforce.

Reports have revealed that women tend to thrive in an inclusive environment where they feel safe, encouraged, and free to be creative. However, in several cases, tech companies have tended to the needs and wants of male employees, since they have greater chances of excelling in their individual careers and rising above in ranks, compared to women, who are usually considered inferior. Representation in a company greatly matters. Young girls and women must have access to their role models, and the women presently holding leadership positions in tech must come forward to further help aspiring tech professionals attain their final goal.

Reports suggest that to encourage and retain more women in tech, organizations first need to make them aware that certain opportunities are available, and make them feel more inclusive. This also includes educating them about their career and the learning options that are available to them. This way, they gain both the interest and skills to succeed in the tech industry from an early age.


Bottom Line

Promoting equality and diversity in workplaces is the collective responsibility of the entire organization. It’s not just the employers who should encourage female employees, their male allies should also add voice to the marginalized forces inside the tech industry. As mentioned above, representation is key to cognitive diversity and happy and inclusive workplaces. The path to building a leadership career in tech might be difficult for women, but is there anything women cannot achieve? Absolutely not!