Will the Post-Scheduling Feature Help Wannabe Insta Influencers?



Here’s How you’ll soon be able to schedule Instagram posts

Instagram is once again testing a new feature. But this one appears to be quite nice. a spokesperson for Meta, the company that owns Instagram, told Mashable that the company is “testing the ability to schedule content with a percentage of our global community.” Creators can already schedule Live videos up to 90 days in advance, but this new feature would allow anyone to schedule grid posts in advance. A few users who had the option to test it noticed the change first.


This is how it appears to work:

  • Make a grid post.
  • When you get to the final step — the one where you can tag people, add a location, and other sharing options — scroll down to the bottom and click “advanced settings.”
  • You’ll see the option to “schedule this post” here. You select the date and time, and presto! You’ve planned a post.

As Meta stated, not everyone can schedule posts through the app just yet — the feature is still in testing. If you don’t have the option but still want to schedule your posts a few days in advance, there are plenty of other options available through third-party apps such as Planoly, Buffer, and others.

Instagram, a popular social media platform owned by Meta, will introduce new features that will allow users to block accounts that abuse or troll on the forum. Last year, a feature was released that allowed users to block all future accounts created by trolls or abusers; however, this new feature will allow them to block all existing accounts as well.

According to the company’s most recent blog post, “based on preliminary test results from this new change, we expect our community to need to block 4 million fewer accounts every week because these accounts will now be blocked automatically.” The social media company is working to reduce hate speech and abuse on the platform, which is more prevalent among teenagers and young adults.

Furthermore, the platform will filter all offensive or abusive words shared in direct messages or comments, preventing the recipient from reading them. The company stated that it is doing this because it does not want the platform’s creators to be harassed. Instagram has created this feature so that users can block all existing accounts of spammers or abusers.