Will Biden’s AI Initiatives Help America Become the Tech Leader?

Biden’s AI initiatives focus on research and development and preparing the US to use AI

AI initiatives

AI initiatives

American President Joe Biden is about to spend billions in technology research and development. The Biden administration has recently set into motion its new AI initiative. The legislation passed the bill last year which, included a budget of US$250 million for a tenure of five years. The administration aims to provide easy access to government data to the general public and ensure advanced technological transformation by creating innovative artificial intelligence models.

President Biden took this initiative to prevent the country from falling behind in technological advancements, especially compared to China. The US$1.5 trillion discretionary budget with US$2 trillion as infrastructure allocation aims to bring chip manufacturing back to America, along with massive improvements in the research and development of AI initiatives.

This AI task force has 12 distinguished individuals selected from the government, academic, and private industries. According to some researchers, gathering the data to facilitate AI development in different sectors would be a critical task because a major part of the information can only be collected through healthcare, housing, education, and different other social determinants.

One of the chief challenges that the government is going to face, along with the local, federal, and state authorities, is the need to meet the AI skills gap.


The AI skills gap

In March, the NSCAI presented its final reports on the areas that require the maximum development based on artificial intelligence. It states that there is a considerable lack of trained AI professionals in the country. Tech giant leaders and tech professionals claim that to make this initiative a success, it is of utmost importance that the government focuses on bridging the AI skill gap amongst young professionals.

Since there have been multiple cyberattacks on the US in the past few months, Biden’s first action to bridge this gap started with the US Digital Service Academy, which will provide training to its existing and future employees, as well as, the Digital Reserve Corps, which will provide AI-based training to college graduates and industry experts.


The Government’s investment in AI innovation

Biden’s infrastructure plan and the FY22 budget request have not been approved yet. The Biden administration is aiming to continue the AI research and development strategy, which was primarily developed by the Trump government. The Trump administration has focused on doubling the research and development initiatives on AI. They also established the National Artificial Intelligence Initiative Office to overlook the research and development initiatives and the implementation of AI integrations in the different sectors.

The NSCAI also warned that to make significant breakthroughs in the AI development initiatives, the country would require resources that can only be provided by a handful of tech companies and powerful states. It encourages the administration to form public-private partnerships and recommended that the government should extend the budget up to US$40 billion.

Taking into the recommendations of the NSCAI, the Biden administration is strongly determined to continue its AI research and development initiatives and help America reach new milestones in AI innovations and implementations.


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