Why Should Small Businesses Buy an 0800 Number That Will Ring on a Mobile?



Small businesses with just a few employees and even sole traders can benefit tremendously from investing in an 0800 number telephone service. It used to be that smaller enterprises had to rent a fixed landline to get a free phone number but this is no longer the case. As such, you can now use them with your mobile phone. To begin with, you will know before being connected to your caller whether someone calling your mobile is a personal contact or a business caller, helping you to answer the call in an appropriate manner. Why else would buying an 0800 number to divert to mobile be good for your small business?


Seem Bigger

Without a doubt, an 0800 number on your social media, your website, and your business cards will help to make your small business seem larger and better established than it really is. In many people’s eyes, an 0800 business number is something that only larger firms have. However, they’re surprisingly affordable and can even be set up without any cost for a trial period.


Don’t Be Tied to One Location

With your 0800 number ringing on a mobile phone too, you will be able to answer it wherever you are. That’s great for businesses that need to be agile, of course. What about times when you cannot answer or you are not in a good reception area, however? If so, your call can go to a business voicemail service instead. Alternatively, you could set up a hunt group so that if the call isn’t answered on your mobile phone, it will start to ring on another one of your choosing.


Create a Professional Impression

According to Cleartone Communications, a leading provider of business telephone services to large companies as well as smaller enterprises, one of the key attributes of publishing an 0800 number on sales literature and promotional flyers is that it creates the right impression. What small companies often want is to come across as a professional outfit. Owning an 0800 number helps them to obtain the right public image and credibility in a convenient and cost-effective way.


Increase Enquiry Rates

Another benefit that 0800 business numbers provide is that freephone numbers are more likely to be called than mobile phones. This is because business callers will know they won’t be charged for the call. As such, they are more likely to make a sales inquiry to a company that has a freephone number than one that does not. Numerous small businesses double the number of inbound calls they receive from new clients just because they obtain an 0800 number.


Gain National Presence

Some small businesses like to stay local and want a local area code for their phone number, even if it diverts to a mobile phone. However, if you provide services online or UK-wide, then an 0800 number makes more sense. This is because callers won’t associate it with a certain city or town. Instead, they’ll call it and assume your business is ready to respond wherever they might want work carried out.