Why Indian Brands Now Need to Make Use of Chatbots

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning have huge potential and are predicted to be the most optimistic disrupting technology for today’s businesses. But, without adopting and investing in chatbots, businesses can’t hold and engage customers for a long time.

Chatbots are currently in limited and are performing a great job by frequently answering pre-defined FAQs. It can retort answers in a distinct way by personalizing contexts through conversational dialog and respond in kind.

For big customers markets like India and China, a chatbot may be a vital solution to address a huge number of queries occurred every day. According to a survey, Indian customers are preferring only those brands and more loyal to them that leverage digital tools as a primary channel of customer engagement, even as customer service is more concerned towards using digital channels.

In its 2019 research report, Verint Systems, a customer engagement company, reveals that 70% of Indian customers are more loyal to brands that utilize digital tools like e-mail, chatbots, applications, and AI. It also added that the customers want the human interface to be integral to customer service through 2030.

Preferring Chatbots to Respond Answers

The survey also reports, the Indian customers prefer customer service that makes use of chatbots to respond to the queries. Even though customers in India less likely to engage with those brands that plan to replace humans with digital alternatives, after feeling digital channels provide better customer service.

MD Customer Engagement Services at Verint, Anil Chawla said that “Organisations need to think Customer Experience (CX) first as they build their digital transformation blueprint. Capturing a holistic customer journey will earn organisations long term customer loyalty. Dependence of customers on self-serve channels for simple tasks would naturally require the human channel to be strengthened for more sophisticated roles and tasks.”

The organizations should focus on customer service in this dynamic digital environment, as a significant decline in long-term customer loyalty has seen in the last 12 months, according to the survey.

For a successful brand, chatbots may an indispensable tool by providing answers to the asked questions as soon as the customer visits to the website. Additionally, the chatbot should be able to reach out in conversation following, watching, asking questions and offering further information as the customers navigate the website.

Since the Indian customers showing more confidence in making use of digital tools, businesses in the Indian market must embrace chatbots that answer FAQs quickly and stand out on customer satisfaction.