Why Does Working With an Experienced Lawyer Matter So Much?


LawyersGetting into a car accident, can be difficult to determine who is at fault. Many times, both drivers share the blame. However, there are times when one driver is clearly at fault. If you are rear-ended while driving, and the other driver was speeding or following too closely, they may be found liable for the accident.  


Can I be held accountable if my car is rear-ended during an accident? 

Regardless of the circumstances, the driver who rear-ends you is almost always to blame for the collision. Rear-ending is one of the most common types of car accidents, and it’s usually the result of driver error. In most cases, the person who hit you from behind is at fault, even if you were stopped at a red light. 


Chain reaction of rear-end collisions 

When you are driving, the car in front of you is the first line of defense against a potential accident. If that car brakes suddenly or is involved in an accident, the car behind it can quickly become part of a chain reaction collision. This type of accident can happen very quickly and often without warning. In most cases, the drivers involved cannot do anything to avoid being hit.

Rear-end collisions often result in serious injuries for those involved. The force of the impact can cause whiplash, back and neck injuries, and other serious injuries. These mishaps occasionally result in fatalities. If you are hit from behind, it is important to stay calm and avoid being hit again by moving out of the way if possible. If you cannot move, try to keep your seat belt on and wait for help to arrive.


Hire experienced car accident attorneys

Most cases involving auto accidents start with the insurance provider. Having an experienced lawyer represent you throughout the car accident claims process is best, whether it’s your provider or someone else’s. Your car accident lawyers at the Fernandez Firm can ensure that adjusters follow the rules and offer you a fair settlement, knowing that if they don’t, there is a very real risk of legal action.


How to get maximum claims out of personal injury in auto accidents.

The plaintiff may reject a speedy insurance settlement and sue the driver if the damages from the auto accident are significantly greater than the driver’s insurance coverage limits. To succeed in court, the plaintiff must establish both the defendant’s responsibility and the extent of their alleged damages. In a court of law and jury trial, anything is possible; the jury award could be lower or higher than what the insurance provider provides.

Compare your damages to the policy limits. If your damages exceed the policy limits, you should never settle your case for anything less! Your lawyers will demand the policy limits. If the insurance provider does not pay, file a lawsuit and ask for the full value of your claim. You gave the insurer a chance to be fair, and they chose to be unfair!


Settlements or lawsuits? 

The majority of car accident law firms are settlement mills. They hardly ever bring legal action and never go to court. Each attorney at these law firms takes on so many car accident cases that they cannot meet with their clients. They don’t have to win your case to get the most money. 

To move on to their next case, they may try to persuade you to accept the first settlement offered. Because of this, the insurance companies pay these law firms less. As a result, if you work with one of these law offices, your auto accident case won’t be fully compensated. 



In the end, you would probably choose not to give a witness statement during a trial. Experienced lawyers know how to present a personal injury claim—whether it be for an injury, property damage, wrongful death, or any other type of injury—in such a compelling way that most people would prefer to settle outside of court. 

Your auto accident lawyers are available to support and advise you through this trying experience if the other party does insist on a trial


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