Why Buy Online, Pick-Up in Store Method is Growing Rapidly in Retail

In today’s digital age, retailers want to unlock new ways for their brick-and-mortar retail stores in order to deliver convenience for their shoppers. However, they not only need to provide their customers with choices in purchasing products but also offer different ways to order and fulfill their requirements. In this regard, Buy Online, Pick-Up in Store (BOPIS) is surging at an unprecedented rate as retailers are now in a race to capitalize on the latest omnichannel innovations to advance the customer journey.

Earlier, retailers have been slow to adopt new in-store technology and e-commerce solutions. However, as technological innovation led the convenience generation, most of the retailers now are innovating rapidly.

With the BOPIS method customers can browse online, where they explore and buy the items, and then pick them up from a store. It saves time for busy customers and enables retailers to amalgamate the online and in-store experience to engage with shoppers while offering a more convenient way to shop.

Need for BOPIS

The practice of offering Buy Online, Pick-Up in Store has grown as buyers become too busy to browse items in-store and are more comfortable purchasing online. Today, shoppers want choice and flexibility about how their orders to be fulfilled. They also want to be able to complete their purchases or make returns quickly and efficiently. Thus, BOPIS is key to deliver convenience by allowing customers to conveniently select which items they want to buy instantly, and which items are worth waiting for.

Also, it is significant for retailers, when it comes to BOPIS, to create convenience by enabling customers to complete purchases online or in-app, immediately selecting the time and store location to pick-up the purchased products. So, with real-time local inventory visibility at hand, shoppers can choose when and where to pick up their products.

Considering reports, around 67 percent of the US shoppers have utilized Buy Online Pick Up in Store method in the past six months. And it is predicted that nearly 10 percent of all sales will be fulfilled by Click and Collect by 2025.

Most online shoppers reported in a study report that high shipping fees and home delivery that takes longer than two days will likely prevent them from completing a purchase online. That is why retailers are embracing BOPIS to abolish the pains of shipping and processing while delivering a convenient shopping experience.

Increasing Growth of BOPIS 

Bridging the distance from a transportation hub to a shopper’s door for product delivery is the most expensive and trickiest for retailers and consumers as well. It also takes a lot of time, an average of 2-3 days. This is where BOPIS comes in, saving both shipping time and money, and enabling quicker service.

As the emergence of e-commerce has created a competitive landscape in the retail sector, brick and mortar stores have largely affected with this. Thus, leveraging BOPIS here is the perfect way to fortify their omnichannel strategy and presence.

Buy Online, Pick-Up in Store also benefits retailers by enabling extra purchases from customers. For instance, when customers will go to the store to pick up their orders, there may be the change they tempt to look around and explore for more products.

So, by understanding and making use of the BOPIS model, both retailers and customers will be able to gain profits from their orders and purchases. This model eventually enhances customer experience for retailers.