Which Data Science Colleges to Pick if Aspiring to be a Data Scientist?

These data science colleges are the best for shape your career

Data science colleges

Data science colleges

Data science has been the most chosen program of the current times with the growing popularity and importance for data scientists. With loads of data being generated day by day, there is an intense requirement for data science professionals to choose it as a career. Data science is a futuristic subject that has huge scope in the coming days. So if you are one of the aspiring data scientists then, here you go! We are here with a list of data science colleges that can help your dream come true. 


1 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) 

MIT is one of the best data science colleges that is located in Boston, US. The college offers many data science-related courses that can help you manage and apply modern data science to solve critical business challenges. One of the best programs is the Analytics Capstone Project that allows students to work on data science problems with industry data professionals. Most of the graduates of the college are now being employed in most of the top tech and consulting companies such as Google, Amazon, Boston Consulting, and McKinsey & Co. 


2 Carnegie Mellon 

Carnegie Mellon University’s Data Science programs are created and designed to train students in various interdisciplinary environments. This is one of the top data science colleges that offers a combination of coursework and cutting-edge research. The rapid pace in the scale and complexity of data can be collected and analyzed in multiple fields such as healthcare, scientific research, public policy, and public safety. The students along with faculty indulge in the research that collaborates with the digital media intelligence firm called Meltwater to advance research and education involving AI. The college has access to one of the world’s most diverse collections of open and licensed data science platforms. 


3 Imperial College of London 

The Imperial College of London has also launched a data science institute which is one of the top data science colleges in the world. The data science activities and expertise create great partnerships and research opportunities for the students to learn and explore many new areas too. The data science programs at this college are multidisciplinary collaborations between the college’s academic experts and the Institute such as finance, healthcare, climate science, and urban development. The college aims to create solutions to complex problems to meet the requirements of the future. 


4 Ecole Polytechnique & HEC Paris 

This is one of the top Data science colleges that have courses combined with business and scientific approaches to present data science problems. These kinds of data science programs can help students in improving their skills and knowledge of the subject too. The college offers data science courses along with business analytics which can help students in the business scenario even. 


5 University of Helsinki 

It is interesting to know how Finland is investing heavily in data-related programs to prepare its population to capitalize on exponential growth in AI and data science. It is one of the top data science colleges to get in if you are aspiring to be a data scientists. The students are given the liberty to choose any kind of specialization related to Data Science, such as machine learning, advanced analytics, computer vision, and research. 


Take away 

Data science has been earning a lot of attention with an increased amount of data generation. Aspiring data scientists need to choose the right data science colleges and programs to better excel in their careers. Some of the colleges focus on research-oriented skills while others focus on practical skills. Nevertheless, there are many opportunities to learn data science in a formal academic setting. Hope now you know what the best data science colleges are and how each takes a different approach to teaching.


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