What Solutions Fujitsu Delivered to Vincents Solicitors to Boost IT Performance and Availability

Vincents Solicitors is a leading law firm based out of Lancashire, UK. Established in 2000, the firm has expanded quickly and currently operates from seven offices across Lancashire, making it a leading legal service provider in the region. Vincents Solicitors’ each office has house expertise in specific aspects of legal advice, including commercial law, personal injury, medical negligence, divorce and family law, conveyancing and wills and probate.

The Business Challenge

Vincents Solicitors has tripled in size in recent years, but its ageing IT infrastructure was prone to failure, slow and no longer able to cope with the company’s growth. So, the firm’s IT infrastructure was in need of a flexible, cost-effective and high-performing alternative. Moreover, Vincents Solicitors depends on Eclipse Proclaim Case Management Software to handle its business but issues with its related database led to repeated crashes and downtime.

According to the firm, its IT set-up was designed seven years ago and was reaching end of life, meanwhile during that time it had grown from 35 to 90 employees which also put too much strain on the system. That impacted Vincents Solicitors’ ability to scale and to introduce new technology such as IP telephony.

The Solution: Vincents Solicitors Choose High-Tech Services from Fujitsu

Vincents Solicitors has a strong partnership with local IT specialist Holker IT that recommended to ask Fujitsu to come in with a proposal based on the firm’s requirements. The law firm believed that Fujitsu could offer the performance, speed and compatibility that it needed.

Vincents Solicitors then applied three FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY RX2530, running VMware virtualisation in combination with a FUJITSU Storage ETERNUS AF250 All-Flash device. Twelve virtual machines provide key applications, such as Microsoft Office 365, Proclaim, Shoretel and WinScribe, and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) for 100 thin clients.

The ETERNUS AF250 All-Flash Array is the ideal choice for application scenarios with demanding data and performance requirements. It delivers impressive IOPS performance with lowest latency even at full load, offering Vincents Solicitors a solution that resolves all performance issues in critical applications, such as real-time business analytics or VDI environments, without requiring any complicated tuning.

Vincents Solicitors performed a staged migration over six weeks to avoid downtime, and ran both old and new systems in parallel, transitioning applications and data in chunks out of hours. With Fujitsu’s solutions, Vincents Solicitors was also able to re-provision its old hardware as a disaster recovery platform with automatic replication at a second site, furthering value to the project.

The Outcomes

By leveraging innovative services from Fujitsu, Vincents Solicitors improved its performance rate by 80 percent that boosted employee productivity while reducing frustration. Additionally, the Fujitsu services halved the Log-in times and doubled the application performance; Improved availability with 100 percent uptime; and Perpetual licences reduce costs to scale out the storage.

Moreover, the Fujitsu Reliability Promise for Enterprise Hardware guarantees that if there are any problems during the first year, it will refund and replace the hardware. Since its deployment, Vincents Solicitors is enjoying a much more stable IT infrastructure with no downtime in the six months.