What makes MT4 the best platform in the industry?



Why MT4 is So Popular in the Trading Industry

MT4 has quickly become the go-to app and platform for traders across the world. It is famous for being one of the easiest to use, as well as one of the most effective regarding streamlined trading.

If you haven’t heard of MetaTrader 4 before, here is everything you should know about why so many people love it.


It’s Free

Many people can’t seem to believe that MT4 is free, considering just how much you get. You will have access to an absolute plethora of tools and capabilities once you have downloaded and installed it.

Many other platforms require you to upgrade your package or purchase the app to be able to enjoy all of the features it offers; this isn’t the case with MT4. Instead, the most money you will spend will be on EAs if you choose to create and use them.


Multiple Features

MT4 has a very extensive feature list, including; the ability to use and view multiple charts, the easy-to-use navigator window, the market watch window, and the ability to automate trading, which will be discussed later.

In short, MT4 has everything you may need or want to trade. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, the platform isn’t short on tools and features that will not only make trading easier but make you a better trader.


Easy to Use

MT4 is one of the easiest platforms to use simply because it does away with too many unnecessary frills and just gives you what you need. It is simple to find the tools and menus you require and even easier to view the data you want to see.

MT4 prides itself on giving the user exactly and only what they need to make well-informed and successful trades every single time.



The last thing any trader wants is for their data to be off or for their trading platform to crash at the wrong time. The platform has been put through its paces for years now by hundreds of thousands of traders who can all attest to its reliability.

The platform is also optimized for those who may not have the most powerful device or the fastest internet, ensuring everyone can have a near to perfect trading experience no matter their circumstances.


Expert Advisors

As mentioned already, traders are able to create their own robots or EAs (expert advisors) and use them as indicators. The biggest positive of this feature is that traders themselves can create and add these EAs to the platform.

This means you can tailor your trading experience and cater to your own requirements without relying on the platform to have the tools you need.



One thing that MT4 does to set itself apart from the competition is that it is available on many different types of devices. While you can have it on your home or office set-up, you can also have it on your phone or tablet.

The interface is just as amazing no matter which device you use it on, meaning you will get a world-class trading experience no matter where you are or what device you are using.


Easy Programming

As stated in the EAs section, MT4 is built using a very simple programming language, MQL4. This allows traders and third-party developers to create and implement different robots and mini-apps that can run within the MT4 framework.

This has already extended into traders creating bots that automatically make trades when a particular indicator is hit, while others are creating scripts to perform particular functions or keep track of a specified indicator.



Finally, part of the reason MT4 is so popular and easy to use is because of how customizable it is. Not only does MT4 allow you to customize your charts, but you can customize almost everything else you see too.

This allows traders to create a platform that is fully optimized for what they want, and they are able to specify just how they want the platform to look and act. This ensures you are giving yourself the best chance for success by creating the ideal trading space.


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