What Are the Main Sources of Renewable Energy and How Are They Used?

Renewable energy is something that is becoming more and more important as time goes by, for obvious reasons. This is the kind of energy that could help to slow down all of the negative effects of global warming, providing people and the planet with a more sustainable way of life. It can be generated from various different natural means which are constantly being replenished, unlike with harmful fossil fuels. But what are the main sources of renewable energy that we can benefit from? Let’s take a look below.


Wind turbines harness energy from wind power which can then be turned into electricity. This is renewable as it is not depleted after use – we don’t have to worry about wind no longer being a thing, as it is a force that’s found in abundance across the globe. Software within the renewable energy industry is always improving, which can be seen with ETRM systems, meaning it’s never been a more progressive time for key players in the renewable energy industry. Not only this, but AI is playing a helping hand in the energy market, meaning that there is more hope for the future.


Solar energy is picked up from sun rays, which can then be utilized as heat or electricity. One of the most popular ways this is done is through solar panels, which are becoming more commonly found on residential properties as well as businesses. Although not cheap to install, these can eventually pay for themselves as the energy produced is pretty much free to use once everything is up and running.


Not so commonly heard about, bioenergy is generated from plants and other organic material. We do all know about it though, as this kind of energy has been used for centuries – for example, burning wood for heat. That being said, this is often not as sustainable as the two previous points mentioned as a lot of the time we don’t want to burn natural produce in mass proportions for energy as this would destroy areas and not be beneficial for the environment. Not all renewable energy sources are necessarily the best option.


Hydroelectric energy can work in various ways. For instance, if a dam is built to hold a large amount of water, this liquid can then be released to spin a turbine to create energy for us to use. Or, intelligent floating devices on the ocean’s surface can gather energy through wave technology, whether the waves are going up and down or from side to side. This is called a Wave Energy Converter. These are just some of the main types for us to think about – in the future they’re likely to become more prominent in our daily lives. There are also some forms of renewable energy we haven’t even touched on, such as geothermal. All in all, these sources of energy should hopefully mean that planet earth and those existing on it have more of a chance to thrive – as it stands, we can’t sustain our energy usage the way that we currently are.