What Are the Emerging Trends in Cybersecurity?

Cyber Security Cyber Security

Before we start about the ongoing trends in cybersecurity we must know what cybersecurity is. So cybersecurity can be defined as the body that constantly works to protect the devices, applications, server from cyber crime and attacks which may lead to a great financial loss for the owner.

Cybersecurity is important because everyone wants their work to be done very fast and in today’s era computer is the fastest object that transfers the data at a very high rate so everybody that works in the country needs a protection from these malware and cyber crime and attacks, this is the point where cybersecurity comes into play.

The trends are:

● Phishing: This is one of the oldest methods for cyber criminals but still ranks no 1 in the trend of cybersecurity because day by day the way it is being sent is changing and improving so that leads to easy cyber crime and attacks for the criminals and a tough challenge for cyber police.

● User behavior analytics: It is defined as when a user shares his/her password with someone and if by any chance the user who has received the password gets his/her system hacked then the malicious activities start with that email id and password so if the behavior of the user is compared with his own last activity and it shows lot of variation then that leads to an indication of cyber crime.

● Data loss prevention: To prevent data loss encryption is being provided across devices so that even if there is a cyber-attack the data isn’t lost. Companies have been spending millions of money on data loss prevention and data security so that they don’t face huge financial loss.

● Moving to the cloud: We see organizations shifting their workloads into the cloud as their on-premises systems become end-of-life and that they look to leverage the most recent technology and tools offered. In some ways, securing systems within the cloud is comparable to securing them during ancient enterprise surroundings. However, there are some nuances betting on the particular cloud supplier and services being used that leads to creation of loophole in the cloud and providing access to the cyber attackers. Cloud environments are notorious for creating a lot of logs that are difficult to monitor and hence new tools and software have been developed to tackle these things which also provides enhanced visibility.

● New Privacy regulation rules: Day by day new privacy rules are being framed so as to protect the users data from being misused by the company who is collecting data due to these everyday change of rules has led to huge financial loss for the tech giant Google for lacking the transparency according to the new rules of privacy

● Quantum computing: This is a potential game changer that will likely break the public-key cryptosystems in use today for secure communications, web security, digital signatures, and certificates and when this will succeed then new methods will be needed. However until National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and other organizations adopt new technology we shouldn’t break the previous security.

● Avoiding breaches: In the near future, it will become increasingly difficult to avoid cyber breaches therefore it is vital that companies ensure that they are prepared for an attack. Companies must not only examine and test their external firewalls, but also must examine and test their internal firewalls in an effort to promptly identify and address the potential impact of a data breach on their network.

Regardless of the steps taken by the companies, there is nothing which can be termed as perfect, everything we develop is relative to something or the other and is relatively best so we basically decrease the chance of cyber-attacks by developing our system rather than completely eliminating them. From legal point of view there is heavy strictness regarding cyber crime that is caught and heavy penalty or long jail period is given to them. However, the problem related to cyber crimes and cybersecurity will never end in this modern era, the only positive thing that may happen is reduction of it. In coming future AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) will also be implemented and currently these are in testing phase so there is lot more to come up in 2020.