Watch Out for the Top Machine Learning Courses Available in IITs

Top machine learning coursesEnroll in any of the top machine learning courses and add value to the CV and professional career.

With solid roots in statistics, machine learning is getting one of the most intriguing and quick-paced computer science fields to work in. There’s an unending supply of enterprises and applications machine learning can be applied to make them increasingly proficient and wise. Students or working professionals are highly interested to work with AI/ML algorithms in reputed companies across the world. Completing machine learning courses from reputed institutes provides confidence and a strong understanding of concepts and mechanisms with a valid and valuable certificate. Let’s explore some of the top machine learning courses that are available in IITs. 


IIT Bombay

IIT Bombay provides an introductory course in machine learning. It is ‘Introduction to Machine Learning 419(M)’. It is an undergraduate course. The candidate is introduced to the foundation of machine learning. And popular machine learning techniques. The course is open to all CSE and non-CSE undergraduates, aiming to get a Minor in CSE. Backed by an eminent faculty, the institute performs extremely well on all fronts — from research and teaching to funds generation and international collaboration.


IIT Kharagpur

The Department of Computer Science at IIT Kharagpur has stellar faculty. Prof. Sourangshu Bhattacharya teaches Machine Learning and advanced Machine Learning. Buzz is that IIT Kharagpur is striving to become a center for AI research. The institute is known for its work in statistical machine translation. There is a body of research around it. 


IIT Patna

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Patna in partnership with WileyNXT has announced a Post Graduate certification course across three domains, Cybersecurity and Blockchain; AI & Machine Learning; as well as Big Data Engineering. These courses are of a six-month duration. The online professional certification program consists of more than 150 hours of learning, a range of capstone projects as well as real-life case studies, and masterclasses offered by leading industry experts in the country. These courses have been thoughtfully designed to drive students towards a rewarding and exciting career in AI and Machine learning.


IIT Kanpur

The machine learning course (CS771A) in IIT Kanpur is an introduction to the design of Machine Learning algorithms, with a modern outlook, focusing on the recent advances, and examples of real-world applications of Machine Learning algorithms. No prior exposure to Machine Learning is required for this Machine Learning course. This is NOT a Machine Learning course about toolkits/software/APIs used in applications of Machine Learning. This course is based on the foundations of Machine Learning algorithms. It delves deep to understand what goes on “under the hood”. And how Machine Learning problems are solved.


IIT Delhi

IIT Delhi’s introductory course in machine learning – ‘Introduction to Machine Learning COL774’ – taught by Parag Singla is only for graduate-level candidates. This course includes topics like Deep Learning, Neural Networks, Support Vector Machines, and several more. IIT Delhi’s Data Analytics and Intelligence Research wing are relatively new. They are doing astounding work in AI and Data Science. For those, who have an interest in information extraction, graph mining, computer applications, IIT Delhi is a good place to start. 


IIIT – International Institute of Information Technology

IIIT Hyderabad is one of the premier institutes of the nation. It has a fast-track 14-weekend Program. This program is in artificial intelligence and machine learning. It is suitable for working professionals. This program is delivered through masterclass lectures, hands-on tutored labs, hackathons, industry workshops, mentorship, and peer learning. This course is ideal for IT professionals. 


IISC – Indian Institute of Science

The machine learning courses taught in IISC are for graduates. There are two courses on machine learning offered by two separate departments. The first is CSA (Computer Science and Automation) and the second is CDS (Computational Data Sciences). With their excellent faculty and labs, these courses are a good choice. Both follow a rigorous curriculum. The courses have several workshops on Artificial Intelligence. And a few seminars on Machine Learning.


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