Vertical Knowledge launches RPA Framework at BattleFin Miami 2020

Applying Robotic Process Automation to Alternative Data

Vertical Knowledge, a leader in the Alternative Data industry and provider of an end-to-end public data platform, today launched their latest Robotic Process Automation (RPA) framework for automating internet-based tasks that support accurate, reliable and compliant alternative data. The Vertical Knowledge RPA framework platform is unique in offering the full range of RPA, Intelligent Automated Software (IAS) and Intelligent Automated Workflow (IAW) solutions to discover, connect, collect, enrich and integrate data from outside of the enterprise.

Vertical Knowledge provides clients, including financial institutions, private equity firms and hedge funds, with a secure, scalable RPA platform that enables users to benefit from compliant and cost-effective research-ready external data from sources across the internet. The solution enhances the ability to access and analyse information that is publicly available but very challenging to identify from multiple providers; consume from global sources at high volumes; enrich with AI and ML tools; and integrate with third-party custom reporting and workflow tools.

Vertical Knowledge’s expansion into RPA creates a much-demanded fresh set of opportunities for the industry; analysing public data where availability is growing at exponential rates. This creates unprecedented opportunities for data consumption and information arbitrage, providing a true competitive edge.

Vertical Knowledge provides clients with a fully compliant end-to-end platform, with administrative controls, processes and approvals, creating a historical repository for auditing, while meeting the highest security requirements in the industry.

Vertical Knowledge’s founder and CEO Matt Carpenter, who will be speaking at BattleFin’s Miami Discovery Days 2020, said “BattleFin is a strategic partner and an industry recognized leader. Their Ensemble data platform attracts alternative data buyers and provides easy access to our prospective clients who can source, evaluate, test and purchase our unique open sourced data sets.”

Matt continued “We are proud to be a platinum Sponsor at the Miami event. I am delighted to be speaking on how RPA is transforming open source data acquisition and look forward to discussing our role in its rapid growth and industry-wide adoption”.

Tim Harrington, President at Battlefin, a market leader in the alternative data space, commented: “it has been great to see the traction Vertical Knowledge has gotten with our community of data buyers.” He added “they continue to be one of the most in-demand data sets both at our events and over our Ensemble data platform”.

Vertical Knowledge is an enterprise alternative data company founded in 2007. We offer an end-to-end Robotic Process Automation (RPA) platform for automating internet-based tasks that support accurate, reliable and compliant alt data from outside the enterprise. This enables our clients from the financial services, private equity, and hedge fund industries to access and understand information that is publicly available but very challenging to discover, connect, collect, enrich and integrate. Our clients demand full compliance and security while delivering them world-class data solutions for actionable insight.