Using AI in Cement Industry Will Prevent Shutdowns and Equipment Loss


AICemAI solution: using AI in the cement industry for operating costs, and to improve efficiency.

The cement industry has made considerable progress in terms of technology and process assimilation in recent years. CemAI announces its entry into artificial intelligence solutions for cement plant operations. In the cement industry, operating cost saving is directly linked to keeping equipment running for a longer duration. AI-powered solutions offer the technological sophistication to reliably monitor the vast amounts of operational data and process it to generate meaningful insights. CemAI provides a predictive maintenance solution for cement manufacturing lines all over the world.

The cement industry is turning to artificial intelligence to help cut operating costs, predict equipment failure, and improve operational efficiency. CemAI provides a predictive upkeep resolution, that mixes a proprietary licensed software program with a steady monitoring and incident decision service for cement manufacturing traces around the globe. Advanced digital technologies and increased connectivity at lower cost are transforming organizations, their markets, and society at large. Now, digital transformation initiatives across industrial manufacturing environments are driving the emergence of Industry 4.0.


Using AI in the cement industry:

CemAI’s solution complements the expertise of local plant maintenance teams by adding the dimension of predictive analytics, bringing cement plant maintenance into the digital age of artificial intelligence. It combines proprietary licensed software with constant monitoring and issue resolution service. This ushers cement plant maintenance into the modern era of artificial intelligence. The CemAI system is now being put into use at several cement facilities across a variety of continents, including North America, Europe, and Africa.

Industry 4.0 connects the physical worker with technology. CemAI’s solution has already proven that the power of digital solutions, coupled with human expertise, can achieve world-class reliability in cement plants. The financial savings in prevented shutdowns and gear loss or costly unplanned upkeep has been spectacular in our expertise. CemAI operates through a distributed network of remote monitoring centers that are staffed by qualified maintenance professionals that collect and examine the data stream coming from plant sensors.

CemAI leverages machine studying expertise that processes in real-time the working knowledge of total cement crops, producing alerts which are analyzed by a workforce of consultants with years of expertise in cement operations, working in shut collaboration with the plant’s groups, to resolve points earlier than they affect operations. CemAI solution is available around the clock and includes KPI reporting and tracking to facilitate ongoing system enhancements and it has already proved that the strength of digital solutions, when coupled with human expertise, can deliver world-class dependability in cement plants.