Twitter’s Future Looks Bleak After Staffers Quit and Offices Shut



Twitter offices shut, employees continue to resign, and Musk is on the verge of a major breakdown

Twitter office buildings are to remain closed until November 21 and the badge access of all employees has also been revoked. Earlier, Twitter employees were given an ultimatum to either leave or work ‘hardcore’. Reports suggest that Musk’s ultimatum has driven hundreds of employees to quit the company with severance pay. Over the company’s Blind platform, nearly half of the members claimed that they were leaving Twitter. Only a fraction of the people voted ‘yes’ and agreed to work day and night to make Twitter a raging social media king once again.

Reports say that this move will likely stop the mass exodus of employees. Reports claim that Elon Musk and his team are terrified that the existing employees are going to sabotage the entire company, while they are still trying to figure out which Twitter employees should still be fired. Hundreds of Twitter employees resigned after Musk issued his ultimatum to his employees asking them to opt for long hours and high intensity. The report shared the results of a poll that was held on the application Blind, which verifies employees through their work email addresses and enables them to share information anonymously.

After positioning himself as one of the biggest brains of Silicon Valley, his decisions are highly controversial and are quite negatively interpreted by tech leaders all over the world. After receiving the resignation of almost 1,200 full-time employees, it was very obvious that the new Twitter CEO would take some kind of drastic step in order to prevent the destruction of the company. Besides taking this drastic step, Musk has also issued an SOS, calling all engineers and technicians who can enable him to understand Twitter’s tech and develop it for the benefit of the users and the company’s declining revenue.