Twitter Staff said ‘Yes’, Elon Musk Leaves No Other Option!

Twitter Staffers Quit after Elon Musk’s Extremely Hardcore Vision

Twitter Staffers Quit after Elon Musk’s Extremely Hardcore VisionElon Musk’s mail to employees has creeped them out and now the Twitter staff leaves! Elon required them to pledge to stay with the company, working long hours at ‘high intensity’ during its transformation, or they would have to resign. Staff had to complete the online form by 5 pm New York on Thursday or accept three months’ severance. For Twitter to excel in its operations, employees only have to exert exceptional performance. A representative of Twitter wanted employees to complete a single Twitter: “Would you like to stay at Twitter?”

Experts say that it is certainly wrong of him to make them sign this document because it might give them the appearance that this bond would make them waive off or override other rights that they might have. Musk said that Twitter will be more dominated by engineers going forward, making up the majority of remaining employees and having the greatest influence at the company, which he called a ‘software and servers’ company’ at heart.

Earlier, Musk’s controversial decision to lay off almost 3,000 people in his first week upset several tech officials including the remaining employees. Musk’s recent changes have also led to a lack of communication internally and concerns about product breakdowns and technical outages. After this, he continued to fire employees who questioned him for their motives. Now, his orders to work almost 80-hour a week have made employees realize that there are a few perks in the office like free food, which is not worth the risk and trouble. Moreover, his demands of working long hours could cross labor laws. Now, hundreds of employees are already or are on the verge of putting in their resignations to leave Twitter.