Turning Disruption into Opportunity Is A Mantra for Successful Leadership. Can You Do It?



The sudden onset of the pandemic shook the world. Societies and economies took the biggest hit while the tech community was holding our lives together. Thanks to the advancement of artificial intelligence and disruptive technologies, we could all carry out some tasks and without settling for insanity. In the technological world, it was time to lead with quick decisive actions and steer through the crisis successfully. COVID-19 disrupted many businesses across industries in every part of the world.


Now comes the thought – Is the glass half full or half empty?

With this adversity came an unprecedented opportunity in the biz world. Leaders who perceived the glass to be half full took the disruption, learnt from it, and turned it into extraordinary innovations. The idea is simple, you can either wait to see things come around (that involves uncertain timelines) or choose to accept the disruption and become proactive about the next course of action. By the time you wait, you might be left behind in the competition as proactive leaders would have marked their place as innovators.


So, how can you turn this disruption into opportunity?

Act With Compassion – In these uncertain times, many people are fearful about their health and wellbeing. Hence, it is crucial as an individual and a brand to show your teams unwavering compassion and support. If they need some time off, be considerate and flexible. Show generosity by providing the people around you with anything they might need to stabilize themselves. These types of gestures show the people that you truly care and this will reflect in the work they do for you.

Embrace The New Normal – Don’t turn your back against remote working. To avoid further contamination, many companies have taken the work-from-home route and it is imperative that it continues till the situation is under control. As a leader, this should be your time to prove your skills by managing teams and coordinating business functions from remote locations. Realize the capabilities of technology, as simple as videoconferencing and shared network platforms, and use them to your advantage.

Nurture New Talent – The disruption caused by the pandemic is a good time to see who from your team can step up and lead. This is time to identify those talented people and nurture their capabilities. Listen to their ideas, invite them to meetings and help them make a plan of action for their ideas.

Treat Your Supply Chain Like Gold – The fact products are often short in supply is a sign that you have to take stock of your inventory. These days businesses are getting stingy with their supply chain practices to avoid waste and excess inventory. Usually, this makes sense but when the times are as uncertain as this pandemic, it poses a question of how well your machine is working to suit the current times? Update and develop a suitable plan to withstand the pandemic.

This challenge is unique and is a real test of leadership. Remember, even if the situation relaxes a little, things need to be in check until there is an ultimate situation. Those who take action, show compassion and have the courage to embrace new technology emerge as successful leaders who know how to innovate in a way it sustains.