Transforming the Industry with Super Materials

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Super Materials
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Super materials are sliding the world towards transformation in the industries.

Human beings are innovation hungry. Over the years many new technologies have been invented for easing the workload, and meticulous innovation of new products. These new technologies provide a scope for the positive transformation of the world, thus enhancing the living standard of humans. One such technology that has been observed to create a potential breakthrough in the functioning of the world currently, is the invention of Super Materials. The Super materials have more refined properties than the pre-existing materials, thus making their utilization more enhanced.

One of the advantageous attributes of Super materials is; they provide an opportunity to perform those functions which were earlier not possible. For example, over the past few years, scientists were unable to repair the scar of cardiac tissues, which leads to weakening of cardiac musles. However, with the help of super materials this problem is also rectified.

The Super materials are in every way challenging the pre-requisite applications of the traditional materials. They have the potential to transform industries and sectors, making operations much more efficient, and quick, without causing any damage to the output product.

Thus, it becomes imperative to know and understand the functionality of these super materials, where the possibilities of Industrial revolution utilizing these products are much high.



Discovered in the year 2004, Graphene is observed to be amongst the most sturdy super material, that the world has encountered till now. It is a layer of carbon atoms, but is only one atom thick, is 200 times stronger than steel, thus rendering it to be the strongest material on earth, one of the fastest conductors of electricity, biodegradable and has the ability to adjust into any shape and form. It is also known to be the material which is impermeable by gas

Over the years, scientists have been inquisitive about the utilization of graphene in normal life. Because of its enriched properties, European Commission has launched a research initiative Graphene Flagship for analysing and accessing the materials’ use in the next 10 years. The program has a budget of one billion pound, and is considered to be the biggest research initiative in Europe. Apart from that, researchers are able to utilize the graphene-based gel for repairing the cardiac tissue after the heart attack. The VentriGel which contains the properties of graphene, forms a scaffold hen injected into the damaged cardiac muscle, this acting as a reparative environment where the healthy cells migrate, thus resulting in a decrease in the scar tissue, increase in the proportion of cardiac muscles, and improvement in heart muscles.

Another application of Graphene is in the construction of the self-repairing materials. Vollebak constructed a reversible jacket with nylon that has a coating of graphene. The graphene helps in redistributing the heat from warmer parts of the body to the cooler parts, thus producing less humidity so that the person adorning the jacket will not feel sticky and uncomfortable.


Carbon Mono-structures

It has been an established knowledge that Graphene is the strongest material ever discovered by humans. However, there are some other super materials which are lighter, stronger, and more flexible. Carbon nano-structures is one of them.  Artificially engineered at the molecular scale, the carbon nanostructures is invented in the University of California, which is stronger than Diamond, is super-strong and Super light. Termed as Nanolattices, this new material holds a promising future in the construction of new generation of cars, airplanes, and other vehicles, thus enabling them to travel farther with limited amount of fuel and preventing accidents and crashes.



Synthesised in the year 2005, Borophene is another super material which is light, strong, and super flexible. It is made up of element Boron, and is reckoned to be more flexible than graphene. Recognized for its flexibility, borophene has been observed to have a potential application in hydrogen storage batteries, and more powerful lithium ions batteries, which are utilized in designing the electric vehicles. Speculations its behaviour as a super-conductor, researchers have observed the utilization of Borophene for developing the next generation wearables, biomolecule sensors, and quantum computers.



Biomaterials are designed to mimic the functions of the organic ones. There implications and utilizations can be successfully observed in healthcare sector, in the development of antibacterial surfaces, thus destroying bacteria by emulating the dragonfly wings, in the slime like nanobots which can assemble and reproduce itself and artificial leaves that has the prospect of photosynthesising by utilization of gas made from fossil fuels, which includes carbon-di oxide, water and sunlight.



The supermaterials are disposed in the path of further discovery. As Scientists are enchanted with more discoveries of super materials, the world is also transforming with its applications. The Super materials is proving to be the game-changer in the human-existence.