Total Communicator Solutions Inc.: Redefining Real-Time Communications with Augmented Intelligent Solutions 

Total Communicator Solutions Inc. is the corporate company that has developed the Spark Compass platform for platforms. It is based on the patented technology called Contextual Intelligence Communication. The platform captures data from sensors and/or connected devices such as mobile phonesThe data collected provides an understanding of the context of the user to deliver curated content and instructions into the physical world based on the understanding of the user’s context. Converging this ecosystem enables communications to be delivered measuring results in real-time on the platform architecture. The system can be enabledactivated and deployed in any industry vertical. After taking data from a variety of sensors, through different communication protocols whether it is low-power wide-area or 5G, it can be analysed realtime and acted upon. Knowledge about the environment of the sensors, the users and the desired outcome enables the Spark Compass platform to deliver data-driven instructions into the realworld. The company calls this augmented intelligence rather than artificial intelligence, as the platform is a tool for the operators, owners and users .  

Moreover, Total Communicator Solutions was created to deliver measurable outcomes. The technology  is used as a tool to support and assist those and deliver better outcomes for its operators. It’s not a replacement of subject matter experts, rather a tool to support and enable them to be more efficient in their tasks. Capturing data across a wide area helps analyse the real-time data in the centralized system presented by the simple to understand dashboards; but more importantly, the tools also apply algorithms on the data, so that the actions can be taken in real-time delivering an intelligent system. 

Capturing the data from the realworld after the instructions have been received enables the system to become a component of self-learning or machine learning. The objective and the mission of the company was to distribute this deployment and further lead by deploying so that it can be activated in a wide variety of markets. This type of technology can be utilized in any type of communication where there is bi-directional communication between a physical world and the collected and aggregated data to deliver better- outcomes.   

An Eminent Leadership 

Erik Bjontegard serves as the President and Founder at Total Communicator Solutions. As the founder and the inventor of the platform, he personally feels tremendous pride in what the company has built. As far as the technology goes, Erik has built the technology with a team of dedicated highly intelligent and excited people who have come together from across the world (literally across the globe) to build this platform for platforms. 

Still, while working with world leaders and top 500 enterprises, leading telco operators and OEMs, Erik still gets excited when he sees that the company is still in a leadership on a global scale, pushing the boundaries in integrating and deploying this technology into new vertical markets.  

Offering Next-Gen Solutions for Better Customer Experience 

Total Communicator Solutions always looks at how it can apply technology to improve outcomes rather than building a cool technology and then try to find a way to deploy it. Being a platform for platforms enables the company to leverage the best components into its ecosystem. Partnering with global system integrators to create new integrations helps Total Communicator Solutions to enable fans at home experience the thrill of their favourite sports, stay in touch with their friends, follow their athletes in a way where the teams know who’s watching, when they’re watching, and what they are watching, of course, in compliance with privacy rules and regulations.  

Moreover, rather than  simple – or even complex – dashboard showing the data, Total Communicator Solutions’ system enables real-time actions to be taken on the data. This is ultimate in big data gathering and marketing; the ability to take actions on the data, real-time, and measure the outcomes in real-time. According to Erik, this is the next generation of data action and data-driven communications which captures data for each event and stores it intelligently. Being able to store event data in a distributed ledger data system such as a blockchain enables the company to leverage the ability to have immutable, unhackable and unchangeable data or record, in addition to the traditional data-driven control systems. Total Communicator Solutions has always believed that doing and showing is better and more powerful than talking and presenting. Erik says, “We build, we try, we test, we fail and we fix. But we do it fast. We’re small, we’re agile, and with fearlessness we get stuff done.” 

Delivering Efficiency with Intelligent Technologies 

The company feels there are many buzz words and nice presentation surround today’s high-tech concepts. Total Communicator Solutions believes in doing rather than talking.. Erik says, “What’s common in cloud computing, data analytics, AI and automation – is the data. This is  the core of what we’re building, that’s a core of what we do. We are taking it one step further, by leveraging data more intelligently, by displaying it more intelligently and then acting on it more intelligently. That is what we are delivering.” The future physical world is connected with the digital world, VR, intelligent IoT, intelligent cloud storage, intelligent big data analytics and automated responses and the outcomes are delivered by AI. Total Communicator Solutions calls it augmented intelligence rather than artificial intelligence. 

Driving Innovation Through Futuristic Vision 

Erik, who has a proven record of innovation believes what matters is actually putting it out there articulating a vision, articulating an idea,  writing patents and then build it. This is one of the key aspects of Total Communicator Solutions’ ability to act, act on the data and do it in the realworld. He says, “Having learned R&D from my days with the underwater robotics, the Space Shuttle and later on in real estate developments and most recently at Qualcomm, the ability to take ideas, articulate them, build them and show that they work in a manner where it can be patented and actually it will work – and drive desired results – that’s the core of Total Communicator Solutions’ platform solution and the way it does things.” Sometimes the most powerful solution is not the most complex, rather it is simple. The company applies technology for results rather than technologies for technology’s sake. Even with limited budgets,  the team is completwith doers that get stuff done with whatever resources are at their disposal. Total Communicator Solutions team has modern-day thinkers and an extended circle of team members from New Zealand to Austin, from Norway to Massachusetts, from Hong Kong to Mexico with its core in San Diego. The company is truly global   

Global Achievements and Recognitions  

Total Communicator Solutions has served global organizations, agencies and corporate giants from Apple to Samsung, powered by world-class events from Wimbledon to America’s Cup. Total Communicator Solutions enterprise solutions have been installed at government agency buildings in Washington DC, international airports and convention centers in San Diego even across entire island nations such as Bermuda. 

The company has won numerous awards and accolades such as: 

  • An award with HHS and NIST at the US White House 
  • Recognized by System Integrator CGI as top 10 global digitalization visionary and leader 
  • Multiple other Top 10 leaders in innovation, IoT Platforms, Patient Engagement Solutions and Inspirational Leadership roles   

Moreover, being a fellow at the University of Salford is a personal achievement that Erik is very proud of and happy too. As Total Communicator Solutions continues to innovate and push the boundaries of new integrations and use cases, the company does it not because of the potential awards or prices – rather it always strives to find new ways to solve problems and create new outcomes and improve results. 

Succeeding Beyond Fundamental Challenges 

For the companies that grow and work on the cuttingedge technologies, securing funding has always been a challenge. Being the first is always a challenge. Erik says, “Being told that we are too early has been a re-occurring challenge and has been ongoing since we started eight years ago.” However, the market now seems to finally have caught up with Total Communicator Solutions’ vision and what it has built. Now it isn’t as farfetched to say that an ecosystem of sensors can be connected with the centralized computation device to deliver real-world outcomes based on communication and sensor dataMoreover, eight years ago 5G was not known. IoT was not a word, low-power wide-area sensors were far in the future, but now they’re here and the company has built, tried, tested, patented and deployed the brains for this kind of connected devices regardless of whether they are in a factory, in a hospital, monitoring people’s wellness fitness or the spread of disease. Total Communicator Solutions’ system enables data to be captured, recorded, retained and elected on them.   

Envisioning the Future of IoT 

Erik envisions IoT industry of the future will be the core of everything. There is no vertical, there’s no environment, there’s no government, there’s no care provider, there’s no sports team, there’s no city, there’s no car that would not benefit from a connected IoT world he says. Total Communicator Solutions will continue to innovate and push the boundaries and try out new things. The company does this because it is inherently impatient and curious about how far can it take this, how much benefit can it create, how much betterments can it enable and activate using technology for the betterment of people, when the world is connected. The future can be controlled where Total Communicator Solutions augment the intelligence of the individuals, the operators of a team, the governments of the country and world leaders fighting and battling a disease.  

“It’s all about data. It’s all about taking action from the data. And it’s all about measuring the outcomes of those actions. In order to do this, you need connected things, things that can talk and communicate back and gather information and that can take an output and create an action based on the input,” says Erik. That is the IoT he and the company envision and is excited about. In the future, the company will continue to push the boundaries and as it calls itself a platform for platforms, it welcomes partners from device manufacturers to communication protocol to system integrators and medical organizations in an effort to leverage this augmented intelligence platform for platforms, that connects Iointo the Internet of Every Thing.