Toshiba is Fast Progressing in the Field of Quantum Cryptography

Toshiba stands in top of the charts in the Application of Quantum Cryptography

Quantum cryptography

Quantum cryptography

Quantum cryptography is gaining popularity these days. It is advantageous for several good reasons such as unbreakable security and has applications virtually in every industry. And many researchers are also coming up with new principles and algorithms to apply to quantum cryptography to revolutionize the future of online security. Quantum cryptography is the use of quantum mechanics principles to encrypt and transmit data in a way that can never be hacked. 

When talking about it in particular, their secrecy does not rely upon a difficult mathematical problem that can be solved, or even a clever algorithm that can be decoded or cracked that can one day be reverse-engineered. 

Toshiba Corp contributes to quantum cryptography in many benefiting ways. It aims to generate US $3 billion revenue from its advanced cryptographic technology for data protection by 2030. The cyber security technology called quantum key distribution (QKD), leverages the nature of quantum physics to provide two remote parties with cryptographic keys that are immune to cyberattacks driven by quantum computers. The technology uses particles of light to send information. 

Toshiba anticipates the global QKD market to grow to US $12 billion in 10years with advances in quantum computers, which can benefit finance, defence, and healthcare. The company is also hoping to grow global demand in terms of advanced cryptographic technologies as cyber security has come to the forefront of national defence. 

Toshiba’s Genome Analysis Data Transmission can reduce the cost of delivering a QKD service to end users by using Quantum Access Network in which many users are served by a single quantum receiver. 

Toshiba is also yet to launch services concerning the use of quantum cryptography, which is theoretically unbreakable. Quantum cryptography has great potential to become the key technology for protecting communication infrastructure from cyber-attacks and putting businesses on the front foot when it comes to protecting operation critical information. 

There is a need to enable interoperability of technologies, develop the components markets as well as processes and technology, will reduce the costs of creation and deployment of QKD and see the commencement of a more secure future for all of us.


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