TopDevz: Delivering Cutting-Edge Recruitment Solutions Powered by Artificial Intelligence 


TopDevz is a team of elite software developers, designers, project managers and quality assurance testers, who live and work in the United States and Canada on some of the Nation’s most sophisticated software development initiatives. To provide industry-leading software development services while creating the opportunity for people to grow and thrive in their own careers at the company, TopDevz started out providing staff augmentation services for elite-level software developers. In providing staff augmentation, the company realized it needed to improve the recruiting process to better recruit top tier, elite-level developers.

TopDevz developed an AI-powered video platform to recruit only the best of the best and to do so very quickly. This platform and its business philosophy have enabled the company to staff its enterprise and Fortune 500 clients with higher-quality candidates much faster than its competitors.

The Vibrant Leadership

Ashkan Rajaee is a dynamic entrepreneur whose leadership skills and dedication to teamwork allow him to be the versatile & innovative CEO of TopDevz. Previous to TopDevz, Ashkan led the growth and sale of a former consulting firm. As a partner, the company experienced growth from $6 Million to over $55 Million in revenue in just under three years. His success follows him to TopDevz as the company continues its rapid expansion and growth of extremely talented people.

Incorporating Effective Communication and Performance Metrics

TopDevz’s team is located in the United States and Canada; by being onshore the company is able to guarantee proper and efficient onboarding. An onshore team also streamlines communications by minimizing language barriers and communication challenges when working within different time zones.

TopDevz’s team is comprised of only senior developers, which creates a positive and collaborative culture that people just cannot buy. When you have a team that consists of developers at various levels in their careers, it can cause delays in communication and development, mistakes can be made or projects can take longer to complete. TopDevz’s team is able to focus on what they do best, avoid hiccups and delays allowing the company to develop great software for its customers on a much higher level.

People in TopDevz have an average of 10+ years of experience with custom software development in highly complex environments. They have also passed a proprietary hiring process including live coding that ranks them in the top 1%. They not only deliver high-quality code, but also possess excellent communication skills, work in local time zones and are highly productive.

TopDevz directly manages, maintains and motivates a resource for the work being performed as well as it passes its operational efficiency savings down to the pricing. The company has a 96% retention rate + 56% referral rate on its team members. They come, they refer and they stay, greatly reducing recruiting overhead. It can field a team that includes UI/UX designers, business analysts, QA testers (manual and automated), DevOps, DB admins, and certified scrum masters.

Innovation Influenced by New-Age Technologies

Artificial intelligence has really made its way into our everyday lives, from wearable and apps that predict our needs, email platforms that predict what we are going to say next, to our phone predicting our destinations by offering directions. Now as we see AI entering the professional landscape, most businesses find it improves efficiency and allows them to outsource some of the tasks employees are responsible for. It also allows them to reconfigure workloads within their structures allowing their business to operate more efficiently and accurately.

Advancing Hiring Process Through AI-Enabled Solution

Ashkan says “In our industry, maintaining is the danger zone because if you are not innovating, developing and growing, then you are shrinking and you will not be able to meet the demand of the market.” To that effect, TopDevz developed an AI-powered virtual video interview software that not only expedites the process and improves the candidate’s experience – but can actually remove bias from the hiring process.

Challenges Over time

The biggest hurdle Ashkan faced was building credibility upon starting the company. TopDevz was a newer company that did not have a proven track record, so it was a challenge to convince larger clients to trust its expertise. The company pushed past this phase and worked hard to get some reputable projects under its belt that it delivered on. Now it is actually a point of promotion for the company and something that it is very proud of.

Another hurdle that TopDevz faced is actually what pushed it to develop the AI-powered recruiting platform. The company was not able to meet the high demand for its services and as an innovative company, it knew it would take more than hiring new team members. TopDevz needed software to help improve and expedite the hiring process and it has done just that, allowing the company to take on more business and deliver the top candidates to its clients.

Invaluable Business Earnings

For its trusted and effective services, TopDevz has been named as:

  • CIO Company of the Year
  • Ashkan Rajaee was included as one of the 30 Best CEOs of the Year 2020 by The Silicon Review

Also, Ashkan has been recognized as a member of the Forbes Technology Council.

The Future of Success 

Ashkan believes TopDevz will continue to see more AI-powered technology in the recruiting and hiring process and will even start to see it take over employee’s tasks so they can focus more on what brings value to the process. As far as TopDevz, it will continue to innovate by delivering cutting-edge products and services. The company pride itself on its ability to stay ahead of the market needs.