Top Warnings of Deepfake that One Should be Aware of in 2022

 Warnings of DeepfakeThis article features the top warnings of Deepfake that everyone should pay attention to in 2022.

A deepfake is a method to create a seemingly real video with realistic movements and audio. Usually, these deepfakes are made from an Artificial Intelligence-based deep database that accurately mimics people’s faces and voices to the point where they are almost impossible to tell apart from the real thing. Techniques for fake video or audio are now advanced enough to be weaponized and used to create targeted content to manipulate opinions, stock prices, or worse. For example, in one of the most significant deepfake attacks, a bank manager in the United Arab Emirates fell victim to the threat actor’s scam. Hackers used AI voice cloning to trick the bank manager into transferring US$35 million. This article features the top warnings of Deepfake that everyone should pay attention to in 2022.

According to a report in Forbes, a manager at the bank got a call from one of the bank’s directors requesting that he make a transfer of US$35 million in order to fund an acquisition. However, it was not the director calling. It was a “deepfake” of the director’s voice. And by the time the bank discovered the error, the money was long gone. This is just one of many deepfake attacks. Forbes also reported that an energy company in the UK fell for a similar deepfake fraud in 2019 and lost about US$243,000.

The FBI recently issued a warning that malicious actors “almost certainly will leverage synthetic content for cyber and foreign influence operations in the next 12-18 months.” Another phrase for “synthetic content” is deepfake content. Businesses are often the first target of attack by foreign adversaries. In particular, the FBI warns that deepfake fraud may be used in a “newly defined cyber-attack vector” called Business Identity Compromise (BIC). This is one of the top warnings of Deepfake that everyone should pay attention to in 2022.


How Businesses Can Prevent Deepfake Attacks?


1. Proper training and awareness

It is crucial for businesses to raise awareness about deepfake attacks and also train them so that they can differentiate between fake and real. This will help businesses to establish an extra line of defense. Training should emphasize how hackers use AI technology in hostile attempts and how one can recognize it, such as enabling staff to detect deepfake-based social engineering attempts.


2. Detection

Although total risk prevention is unattainable, spotting false media early can help reduce the impact on your firm. And one should also pay attention to warnings of deepfake in order to strengthen that extra line of defense.


3. Prepare response strategy

Ascertain that you are prepared to respond appropriately to a deepfake. Prepare a plan that can be activated when a deepfake is spotted. Individual duties and needed actions must be stated in this strategy. Remember that deepfake attacks are going to take place, it is your responsibility how to deal with them.


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