Top Trends in Sales Tech that Can Improve Sales Performance in 2020 

Market across all industries is becoming now more crowded as the arrival of new marketers is not seem to stop. However, in this flooded market, as the economy will performing well, it will become much harder for sellers. If this combined with CRM transition to the cloud will lead to the rise of digital selling or sales technology (Sales Tech), creating a boom for sales software fuelled by huge VC capital.

In this scenario, businesses must look upon to improve specific areas within their sales processes, rather than the elimination process. By leveraging functions of sales tech, businesses can assist their sales team to organize their priorities to determine which tools they need that meet their requirements. Sales tech is evolving as fast as Martech and it is defined as a set of tools helping expedite and improve sales productivity.

Sales technology allows salespersons to use their time and customer intelligence as effectively and efficiently as possible. Its subsets sales automation and sales enablement also assist sales representatives to enhance sales efficiency.

Let’s look at some top trends in sales tech improving sales performance in 2020.

Growth in Sales Software

Most of us have seen that customers use various channels to engage with businesses these days. Thus, it is significant for sales teams that they should consider that channel customers prefer. And it is expected that a multi-channel approach will be more common in 2020, not only in customer service but also at the beginning of the sales funnel. So, salespersons must ensure they can leverage sales software that meets the customers’ demand, as dozens of different marketing and sales tools are available out there.

CRM Tool

Sales managers much appreciate customer relationship management (CRM) systems as it stores sales data and present in an easy-to-follow format. It allows them to monitor sales processes, staff performance and optimizes selling. In the coming year, instead of keeping track of leads and opportunities in spreadsheets, all-sized businesses should leverage CRM solutions to improve their sales processes. With CRM’s wide range of functions, companies can add and save a massive amount of contacts without any limitations or expiration date.

Development in Sales Chatbots

Artificial Intelligence-powered chatbots these days have created a ground for chatting and talking when it comes to modern business. These AI bots have become so prevalent in today’s business landscape. They have even made their way into the marketers’ arsenal of marketing strategies. Since chatbots utilize AI solutions, they are able to compile data, then assess it and make informed decisions. These sales chatbots not only can recommend products for customers, but can also talk about those products in real-time.