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Top Transformational Business Leaders in 2019

Technology is a strategic imperative in nearly every organization today. As organizations are embracing emerging technologies to get ahead, board leadership structures have evolved significantly. Companies today are seeking to appoint tech-fluent board members to lead the change in this dynamic business environment. BoardSuitedTM is an innovative executive education company, designed to prepare senior executives for Public, Private, Non-Profit and Advisory Board candidacy and service.

Top Transformational Business Leaders in 2019

Leader of the Month: Joshua Hebert

Joshua Hebert: A Visionary Leader Propelling New Frontiers in the Aviation Industry

Magellan Jets is a Boston-based private aviation solution provider built on a foundation of integrity, reliability, and trust. Founded in 2008, Magellan Jets’ innovative model offers jet-specific memberships and on-demand charter services designed to provide the freedom and exceptional personalized service that private travelers expect. Magellan Jets and its FAA-licensed Flight Support team ensure that every detail is tailored to exceed expectations.

Corentin Guillo: Connecting the World with the Most Innovative Satellite Imagery Services

Bird.i is a Scottish tech startup collating the latest satellite imagery from multiple operators to provide insightful imagery for businesses across the globe. It provides both imaging and intelligence services. The company’s Image Service allows users to view and download up-to-date satellite imagery from the online portal or API. Bird.i’s Intelligence Service applies powerful machine learning techniques to this imagery to extract meaningful insights, better and faster than the human eye.

Dicky Ying: Envisioning Changing Landscape of Digital Trade Through Innovative Platforms

Mezzofy is a coupon solution provider for merchants, developers and marketers. It brings everything that is needed to create, distribute and manage coupons onto one powerful platform, namely Mezzofy Merchant App. The company has been at the forefront of digital innovation in retail systems. It has helped retailers to go beyond the traditional marketing channels and maximize new opportunities in the digital world.

Erik Bjontegard: Redefining the Traits of Technology and Leadership

Total Communicator Solutions, Inc. is a technology company created to build solutions based on “contextually Intelligent communication platform”. This platform for platforms is protected by a family of patents further defining event action programming, edge computing, augmented intelligence, AR/VR, smart city and IoT sensors with advanced data storage on a blockchain as part of a common solution.

Kristen Carroll: Accelerating the Future of Enterprises with Strategic Business Solutions

The LMC Group has been providing fractional management and executive services to organizations nationwide and in various industries since 2014. Headquartered in Manchester, NH, the Group is a team of experts specializing in human resources, finance, operations, and public relations/social media, and has worked closely with its clients to help them reach their goals. Some keep the company as on retainer, while others hire it for specific project work: regardless of the form its services take, the company is …

Leonardo Santos: Redefining Innovation in Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and IoT

Semantix is a company specialized in data-centric solutions. Founded in 2010 in Brazil, it operates throughout Latin America from its offices in São Paulo, Mexico City and Bogota. The company has a complete offer of products, consulting, support and specialized training in Big Data, Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, IoT and Search, and it is a real one-stop-shop for these themes. Semantix delivers data platforms for its customers using open source technologies and offers ….

Ran Rachlin: Managing and Leading All-Size Businesses with Software Testing Solutions

Ubertesters offers a complete software testing solution for digital products to help organizations beta test their digital products prior to launching it. The holistic solution includes: (1) a SaaS product – a robust platform to manage the entire mobile beta testing process and teams; (2) a crowd testing service of global, professional testers for hire with devices (using the ‘power of the crowd’) for most flexible and cost-effective global testing under real-life conditions; and (3) offshore outsourcing services of QA experts…

Tyler Back: An Enriched Transformative Marketing Expert with Efficacious Leadership Skills

Mitosis is a creative marketing agency focused on delivery transformative marketing solutions for its clients. The company is a full-service marketing and creative agency with all work completed in-house, never outsourced. Mitosis develops and deploys solutions ranging from complex digital experiences (websites, touch interactive, experiential interactive), traditional advertising (OOH, Print, Direct-Mail) and data-driven personalized experiences that bridge both digital and physical experiences.

Gary Fowler: An Incredible Leader with Innovative Mindset Propelling New Frontier of AI

For a company to be efficient and productive, it is necessary to build a corporate culture with great leadership that takes care of its employees and the workforce. Nowadays employee engagement has become the most critical issue facing organizations. Evidently, the engagement of the workforce is directly proportional to the efficiency it has to deliver on a regular basis. To understand the needs and demands of employees, businesses are compelled to deploy real-time analytical surveys.


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